Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sequoia camping!

On Sunday, some friends invited us to go camping in the Sequoias with them. This Thursday. I'm really excited, partly because I love camping and partly because it's a five hour drive up and I have Artemis Fowl audiobooks. :D

So I won't be posting from thursday through sunday.


  1. i love camping 2. didn't get any in this year as did last year. i was going to clean out the camper but the pulley system broke. have fun camping :)

  2. Camping's awesome. Hope you are having a great time. When you get the chance, you should check this out, 'cause your name's in it!:

  3. See ya then i guess! Hahaha! I love camping! I love your blog! I'm one of your most recent new followers! Feel free to check out my blog!!! : http://dezzysblogerificblog.blogspot.com/

  4. Have fun on your trip!!! I'll miss you!

    Yay for Artemis Fowl!!!


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