Friday, August 5, 2011

I finished Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows!
It was fantastic and beautifully written. Rowling's writing is very natural and she is a master at writing intricate plots. The ending was a tad convoluted, but whatever. I recommend the books to everyone! They're worth every single bit of hype. If you love thrilling adventure books that make you laugh and cry, read them!

I can't say much(not even my favorite character) without ruining it, but I hope you read it!


  1. Oh, Harry Potter is just purely amazing. Books and movies! I'm so glad you read the Deathly Hallows book - and enjoyed it! I cry throughout like, the last half of the book. xD I'm curious about your favorite character, though! I think mine's Luna or Hermione, I love them both. :)

  2. Hey, Amaranthine, I posted a reply to your questions on my blog, in the comments on the spirituality post. Here's what I said:

    "Well, Jocell/Amaranthine, here are my answers:
    1) I think that yes, I’m a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ. But I’m not JUST a Christian, and I don’t think that Jesus is the only way to God. So if that’s how you define a Christian, then no, I’m not a Christian. However, if you say that a Christian is anyone who believes in Jesus, then yes, I’m a Christian.
    2) No, I don’t think right, wrong, good or evil do exist. I think each person decides for him or herself what they believe is right, and what they feel is right for them. The way I see it is like this: for someone who’s Jewish, their religion is the “right” one, the one way to God. A Christian feels the same way about their beliefs – that theirs is the “right” way. Who’s to decide which is really the right way? Both people have different definitions of what is “right”. It’s the same with other things in life, too. And I think that no matter what your beliefs, what your definition of “right” and “wrong”, everyone goes to the same place after death. And so it’s up to that person to come up with their own definition of right and wrong while they live, based on what works for them in this lifetime.
    3) Purpose of life. Well, sometimes I frankly wonder if there’s any purpose at all. In the Conversations with God books, it says that the purpose of life is to express yourself... and since that feels like a good answer to me, I’ll go with it! :)"

  3. WOOHOO!!! Deathly Hallows was AWESOME!!! My favorite character is [well, I suppose I should put a SPOILER warning] Severus Snape. I was bawling when I got to chapter 33.

  4. @Taylor Lynn-Thanks! :D Sounds like you really like those books.

    @Clair-No way. That's MY favorite character! XD

  5. Oh yeah! Harry Potter = one of the best series. Ever. On the FACE of the EARTH! LOL

  6. Congratulations!!! Harry Potter is so awesome! I'm so happy you read it!

  7. Harry Potter.....

    Moving on, I awarded you on mesa's BLOG! ;)

  8. love harry potter. will miss it once its over with. but we will always have the movies and books.


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