Sunday, June 10, 2012

flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss{life update}.

    I accomplished something on my bucket list last Monday...I've always wanted to be, just for once,  one of those people in black SUVs in sunglasses who play hip hop music really loudly and tick off everybody at the crosswalk.  Well, I was with one of my friends on the way home from Girl Scouts, and we were in her pickup truck. She asked me if I minded loud music and when I said no, she turned it up and we were totally awesome for like, three quarters of the song. Then it cut to a commercial for albertsons and my moment was ruined :(.
I got a free half hour ballet private yesterday! It was amazing and totally God's doing. It was recital picture week and our studio was in total chaos. We had a sub, but nobody showed up for my class but me! I thought the teacher was just going to tell me to go home, but she offered to give me a private! I was so nervous cause I had never had one before, and I didn't think I was ready. It was really fun! She fixed a lot of my technique. I heard privates were the best way to improve, but I never thought I'd have one cause usually they're really expensive. :D

I have a piano recital in a week...I have such bad stage fright that I never can get over.  It just happens again and again. I think I'm getting better, but then I'm not. I've been practicing so much...all I can do is pray. Please pray for me! I'm playing Rachminoff's prelude in C# minor.

I can't wait to read The Serpents Shadow(Kane #3). I put it on hold today..I'm 165th in line..(sigh)
I finished watching Fruits Basket and I'm continuing with the manga. This series really has touched a nerve in my heart. The anime is pretty loyal to the manga, but they are different in that the manga is a tiny bit deeper and darker(neither are Shakespeare XD). Enough to be noticeable. The characters have more layers and are a lil less simple(particularly Yuki and Shigure).

Shigure might be one of the most interesting characters ever. On the surface he's a loveable lazy goofball, but he also is potentially the manga, he also shows hints of being cowardly, disloyal, and manipulative.

I'm at the part where they're at the Sohma summer vacation house(volume 12) and SO MANY FEELSS. I cannot tolerate Akito..I just cannot stand the guy. Sadistic, ambivalent, creepy,  selfish, freakily villian ever. XD The way he was set up is a masterpiece, with his seemingly frailness and how everybody does exactly what he says and how his name strikes fear into even the most rowdy Sohma.

He totally psyched out Kyo and nearly undid that year of good influence Tohru has on him...:( I cannot believe he punched poor lil Momiji in the face...MAY HIS BACON EVER BURN.

Tohru is hilarious. I love how after Akito gets all up in her face and tells her to quit the Sohma affairs, to not interfere, to forget about them, or else.
and Tohru is like

"I think I"ll try and break the curse!"


  1. I'm glad you accomplished something on your bucket list, Amaranthine! That's always satisfying haha.
    Awesome about the private! I've never had one of those, I'd be so scared! You're lucky!
    Good luck at your piano recital! You'll do amazing!

  2. Happiness. I love Fruits Basket. And Akito is a jerk. And Kyo offically has my heart. Yuki is still sweetness though. And Shigure...I've found myself making some rather Shigure-y remarks this past week, and thinking, "Oops...was that me, or Shigure speaking?".

  3. See? I'm getting caught up now ;)

    This post made my day. Not even kidding. Truly may Akito's bacon ever burn ^_^ At least where you are in the story.... ;)

    I never realized that Tohru was so #yolo until you mentioned it. I love Tohru. She's like Kobato from... er, Kobato :P


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