Friday, June 15, 2012

One of my favorite things about blogging is..

...looking back at all my old posts and all the memories. :) It's like a legit journal! This time last year was when my blog was really starting to pick up..I averaged ten comments on a post, booyah. (hitting 17-20 a few times, even). T'was awesome. I danced, but I hadn't really gotten into it. I didn't even have my precious WIP! :D I didn't read Maximum Ride or Harry Potter yet. I had just found out CVI was going to be in Orlando (again!) ! ! !.

One thing's similar...I have my post from last year two hours before the piano recital..and I have the June recital yet again tomorrow! Yay. Whoohoo. Allright.

Please pray for me..I practiced a ton for this recital, and I have a regular piece as well as a duet(even though I get to use the music on the duet.) I always have bad stage fright...sigh...Piano stage fright is one of my worst fears. :PPPP Like legitly.

Last year I was really into intense blogging too. Like in January, I had 34 posts, meaning AT LEAST one post a day. Compared to this January, a measly 9. I think they have improved in quality though. (That's what I"m telling myself, at least.)

Blogging has really calmed down for me. A huge part of it is that Blogger isn't the premiere social network for me(or anyone) anymore. Before, if I wanted to talk to Jedi~Chick (love you <3) I had to a.) post a post addressing her or b.) comment on her blog.

Today, I could a.) Skype her, b.) TLF PM her, c.) TLF post her, d.) TLF chatbox her, e.) Email her, f.) IM her, g.) Skype her, h.) call/text her, i.) mail her a letter, j.) fly to Florida and show up at her door(last resort).

I actually don't mind or feel sad about toning town the blogginess for now. As long as I still love it (and I do!) I don't mind. I was wayyy too into it before anyway. XD I just love seeing how I've grown and having a nice track record of my high school years. :D I actually started this blog in the end of middle school...and now imma be a junior...scary.

Blogger has really opened a window to the rest of the internet though, mostly TLF. Before, I really wanted to participate on the internet, have a blog/internet buddies, but I didn't know where to start! Really hard to believe. My mom actually half convinced me to get a blog. XD. Now, the internet life is awesome! It has caused a lot of trouble and angst, but for now, I'm good with where I am.

On TLF, we're gearing up for CVI...I think we have somewhere around 14 members going, and a bunch of surprises hopefully TBA!  Ahsoka, SWA, Snips, JG, and Kayla are on the chatbox....I can't join them though because once I log on, I can never log off and I have to do things this afternoon. XD

I don't know why I'm suddenly so nostalgic...Must have been the measly salad/corn on the cob I ate for lunch. I NEED MEAT/CARBS DANGIT. Especially after reading a special on celebrity diets in People. Seriously, how do they survive on  egg whites and almonds?


  1. Really nice post! :) I'll be praying for you - hope your recital goes really well!

  2. Not to mention, blogging connects other people to you. You can have hundreds of people praying for you just from a single post. Viva la internet!

  3. I play piano also! What pieces are you going to play? :)

  4. Gosh you don't know how jealous I am of you lucky people who get to skype/text/call each other :P


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