Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm in Costa Rica!

Currently, I am typing from my hotel room as we undergo a very loud and scary thunder/lightning/rainstorm. Apparently this is common...just a few minutes ago there was a huge red flash and a sound like a gunshot. My dad said lighting struck something(not us.)

So far, our trip has been very blessed. Although we have had to wait around quite a bit. Yesterday, we got to the church and drove an hour to the airport, then waited in a bunch of lines in the airport until we finally got to the gate, then waited for about two hours at the gate before the plane took off at 1:35 AM. Fun times.

Insert eight-hour plane trip here.

I ate dinner yesterday at about 6:15 at home...Red eye flights are not my favorite :(. it's hard to sleep on a plane and also they don't serve dinner, so I didn't really eat again until about 7 the following morning(not counting Goldfish and two granola bars).

Then it was more running around with luggage and customs, and then we FINALLY got to the hotel.

Our hotel is miles nicer than the one I had in the DR. The DR one was one tiny cramped dim room with two big bunk beds. This is more like a very spacious apartment, with four nice beds and a tv and kitchen and bathroom and plates and a fridge and a microwave.

And internet!

We went to a restaurant/cafe for lunch. I had beans and a steak and coleslaw and rice and plantains and something which I don't remember what it was, some sort of chopped root in...sauce.

It's good to be back. It's weird to say "back" since I've never been to Costa Rica before. But since I've been to so many other south/central American countries, the bustle of the streets, the Spanish,  the crazy driving, the tangle of telephone wires, the graffiti and humidity..they all bring back so many memories and feelings of familiarity. In a strange way, these Latin American countries feel like home to me.

Of course, it didn't rain so hard in the other countries...

Starting tomorrow it's gonna be ministry nonstop, but for today(this has been a very long day) I get to rest.

Love ya!


  1. Glad you arrived in Costa Rica safely. Enjoy yourself :)


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!