Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going to Costa Rica on a mission trip tomorrow! :D


Somehow I'm not as excited as I feel I should be..probably because it hasn't sunk in yet. I haven't even packed. XD Our flight is at like 1:30 AM on Friday, but we're leaving for the church at 8PM Thursday. We're going to be going and helping out at a conference, as well as organizing ministry programs in poor areas of Costa Rica.

I'm really looking forward to it! I LOVE traveling, everything about traveling, packing, airports <3, name it! 

Our trip is for 8 days...I'll be back July 1st. We DO have internet access some times, but I'm not sure how often we'll get to use it...Hopefully I will take a bunch of pictures and make blog posts!

I'm reading four books right now: Brisingr, A Tale of Two Pretties(The Clique), Ender's Shadow, and Fruits Basket 22...Like a BOSS.


Brisingr: This series definitely has improved from Eragon,methinks. I'm firmly settled in the story the way I settle into blankets on a warm day. Eragon is boss. So is Roran. This series has somwhat screwy morals/values, but hey. 

Tale of Two Pretties: My literary equivalent of cotton candy. My beautiful cheesy gimmicky love <3

Ender's Shadow: I'm actually saving it for the trip..this is a Ender's Game parallel novel. I read the first chapter, and I'm already reminded of how gripping Card's writing is. Ugh, this book is gonna be merciless with my feels(as always).

Fruits Basket 22: I'm trying to drag it out so it doesn't end too soon..:'( I feel very very slightly more sympathetic for Akito now. Like I said, this manga is boss at completely flipping and reversing your opinions of characters on a moment's notice. I don't think Akito(or anyone else) is gonna die though. This manga kinda sucks at killing characters off....I mean, I'm glad they don't have to die, but seriously, no deaths at all? (there are those who would argue that Fruits Basket is already sad enough without any deaths..fine.)
I know I already posted this gif but reblogging because WINK

We went to see Les Miserables yesterday...It was awesome. It was amazing to see a musical that I've loved for so long, done all full out. The Jean Valjean and Enjorolas were amazing. Javert, Marius, Cosette, Eponine, and Fantine were satisfactory. Gavroche was played by a teeny tiny kid that was really cute but NAWT how I imagined him to be. Oh well. XD I cried during a song...I think it was Bring Him Home. That or the Finale. The musical had really amazing special effects and projections! :D Gavroche's death was sad though. He crawled out over the barricade while he was singing, you couldn't see him, but you heard the gunshots and him  struggling to finish his song, and then the final gunshot when he's one word short of finishing. :'(

Thanks for all of you who prayed for my piano recital! It went really well! I'm surprised, because I was super nervous. O.o

I have to go pack now! :D More postness later.
<333 sigh XD

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  1. Have fun on your trip!!! I'll be praying!

    Yay for Brisingr, Les Miserables, and Fruits Basket! Loved the picture at the end XD


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