Monday, June 14, 2010

Afternoon Sports Ministry, Saturday, Part 1

That afternoon was pretty busy. We had lunch with the church we were serving, La Vina, and then we prepared our soccer sports ministry. It was at a big, sandy-and cement park. We started off by just kicking soccer balls around.
As you can,(or maybe can't) see, whoever was the goalie took a real beating. (We called it the torture pit.) The park was right next to a downhill road, so whatever soccer balls went over the net rolled down the hill and had to be chased. Some people didn't want to kick soccer balls, so we played other games.
We had a organized soccer game too, complete with yellow jerseys(for the yellow team) and invisible jerseys.(for the no-jersey team.)  Before, Matthew and Andrew led everyone in stretches.
Emmett on the sidelines. The girl to the right, with the long hair, is named Hannah.

Starting lineup and explanation of rules.

Run for it! These kids were tough. Almost nobody got hurt, despite the fact that they enjoyed bouncing the ball off everybody's heads.

Of course we attracted attention, and Juan was great at introducing people into the game.

The dads did a great job of announcing the score every couple of minutes(siete-ocho!), but I completely forgot which team won. Perhaps because I was too busy planning the ministry part to follow.

On the premise of a "water break", we got everyone off the soccer field and gave everybody snacks.  We did a ministry, which I'll tell you about later.

More later!

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