Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mexico Trip: Roberta's House

That's Roberta's house. The yellow-ish one. With the yellow broom hanging against the door. See that pink thing to the left of it? That's her bathroom. The team that came before we did built it. 
She lives in a neighborhood of houses just like hers. It's a big neighborhood too. There are a couple hillsides filled with slums just like that one.
 Another view. You can see the slope that she lives on. It was pretty darn steep, too. I actually twisted my ankle that morning and limped for that day and the day after that. She lives in the house with-get this- 5 kids. See that kinda concrete-ish platform in front of her door? We built a roof and walls for it so we practically doubled the size of her house!

 Carrying wood down the hillside to build the walls. We had some building people to build rafters for the roof and walls, and some painting people to paint the wall boards before they were carried down. Since I couldn't climb up and down all that well with my ankle, I mostly stayed up the slope painting.

 Painting the wallboards. Bright pink is Roberta's favorite color, so that's what we painted her house.
 Painting the original house.
My dad was on the rooftop nailing the rafters in.

More pictures:


This is the inside of Roberta's house. It looks bigger in this picture than in real life.

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  1. What kind of camera do you have? I was thinking of buying one with my graduation money if it's not too expensive.

  2. I'm getting a camera for graduation! I'll show it to you when I get it!


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