Monday, June 21, 2010

A Nice Blessedful Rest

The lights at Rancho Agua Viva have the annoying habit of turning off every night, exactly at 10:00. About 30 seconds before they turn off, they flicker, and then it's a mad dash to get to your beds before the world is plunged into darkness.
On Friday, we spent after dinner getting ready for Saturday, and were nowhere near ready for bed when the lights went out, and had to spend a while shuffling around with flashlights.
Today we got a little more time.
Ministry being exhausting, we welcomed time to hang out in the evening. We had half an hour of free time, which I spent washing my beloved REI pants, because I unwittingly splattered pink paint on them at the construction site.

The beautiful outside of the chapel.


For every single meal they had a different flavor of Tang. Tang is a flavored drink that has many flavors. For the first meal, we had a kind of cinnamon-flavored tang that was um....exquisite and ridiculously sweet. I drank water for the rest of the trip. The tang in this picture was (supposedly) Hawaiian-Tea flavored. Oh my. I continued to drink water, and proceeded to make tang jokes for the rest of the trip.*

I got the paint off my pants.

*Tang's Wikipedia article says it also makes a great dishwashing liquid. Yum. Yum. 


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