Friday, June 4, 2010

Lessons from a Shrewd Manager

I just watched Pastor Rick's sermon on money(Lessons From a Shrewd Money Manager). It's one of the best I've ever heard. Here are the main points I took from it.

 If you are faithful with the little things, God will trust you with the big things.
Even the little, insignificant things that you think that no one knows you are doing, God is always watching. If you have tiny little tedious responsibilities and you take them seriously, God will give you more.   A little faithfulness produces big fruitfulness.
Some people say, "When I do big things, I'll serve God!" No, the people who fill the pen holders at church expand God's kingdom just as much as the preacher does.
Same with money.
When you use your money wisely, God will give you more. Someday, you'll give an account to God on how you used the resources he gave you.  You can't wait until you're "rich" to tithe and donate. The more you'll give, the less you'll worry, and the more you'll have. And not just money, God blesses with some things even better than money. A lot of people are possessed by their possessions. "Oh, I could never live without that!" Then it's your idol. Learn to love God most.
When you use your time wisely, you are using your life wisely. Your life is planned, and you aren't getting any more time than anybody else. 24 hours a day, no more, no less.  Bill Gates has the same amount of time a day you do. When you sit down to watch TV, are you willing to give an hour of your life to that show? It better be worth it, because you're never going to see it again.
If I want to tell what you love, I need to look at two things: your checkbook and your calendar.
How you spend your money and time shows what is important to you. 
Like you say:
I think it's important to spend time with my family. Well, do you do it? No? Then it's not important to you. I think it's important to read my Bible. Do you do it? No? It's not important to you.
It doesn't matter what you say, it matters what you do.

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