Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning, we got up bright and early, ate breakfast:

returned to get ready for the church service, and-were locked out.
Our dorm door normally has a little schtick about opening, and we had to push pretty hard, but even Janelle couldn't force it open.
Some following ideas:
"Let's go into town and hire a burglar to burgle our dorm for us."
"Let's drive a van through the door."
"Let's make Jackson climb to the second-story balcony and open the glass door."(Tried that, didn't work)
"Let's break a window."(They said they didn't want to pay for the window)
"Let's pray"(Go, Gloria!)

We we did was dither around, get scolded for yelling, and then called off to go get our team picture taken. Ain't it lovely:

Like I said, lovely.

When we got back someone had unlocked our dorm. sigh.

*That day we found out that the Village 2'ers had a habit. Whenever they saw a stray dog, they yelled "It's a dingo, mate!" in the FUNNIEST Australian accent. I know it sounds random, but it's FUNNY, trust me. I still keep up that habit.


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