Monday, June 7, 2010

Manda Lluvia! Rancho Agua Viva

Rancho Agua Viva is a kind of retreat center, where we stayed.  It's motto is "Reaching Mexico for Christ." Its ministries include: hosting American mission teams(like us), having seminary for pastors-to-be, and having summer camps for Mexican kids who can't afford it. The dorms and food were really nice! The campus was large and beautiful, with dirt roads and streams and frogs and fields and animals.
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 You can't really see it, but the white rocks say "Agua Viva."
Hannah talking in the Chapel/Seminary building.
These big rooms had doorways leading into bedrooms. Our dorm was the only one with couches. :)
Emmett and Daniel in one of the bedrooms.

Look how nice the place is!


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