Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Again and again

THE STAR WARS SAGA IS COMING TO 3-D! Whoohooo! Starting in 2012...aww, man. Also, a number of books are coming out for "anniversary editions." Makes me wonder-what's all this excitement with re-making the old? Why not write new ones? I'm not one for anniversary-edition things. I'd rather see the authors write NEW books and for NEW star wars movies to come out. (Although we know that's not happening anytime soon.) The next new book (that I'm interested in) is coming out in November-until then, reprints, reprints, reprints.

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  1. Well they did that for years. Sith Era, Old Republic, Clone Wars, New Republic, New Jedi order.... there's tons of novels- and a horribly blasphemous T.V. show which doesn't count for anything. :)

    I'm not a big fan of 3-D, but man, can't you picture the Death Star blowing up in 3-D!! AWESOMENESS!


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