Sunday, September 19, 2010

An(other) Encounter With Death

As many of you busy bloggers out there know, it can take a real effort to log on to blogger and actually write a post.  I was planning to do this earlier, but I had to think a while on what to say.

One of my neighbors died this weekend. We'll call him Liam. Liam and his family lived across the street from us. They lived on College Street as long as we have.
Liam died last Sunday of a scuba diving accident. He got stuck in rocks and his air malfunctioned.
That makes two widows on College Street.
Liam wasn't the first person I knew who died. But you can never get "used" to it. I always can't believe it at first.  To me, death is something where one day they're there and the next day they're gone, and sometimes you forget and expect to see them and you don't. 
Whenever someone dies, I always think the same thing. Stars, this is America! People you know aren't supposed to die in America. This is only supposed to happen to people who live in dangerous places like, I don't know, Skid Row?

I'm not going to go on and on about how Liam is in a "better place"(and he was Christian!). That's nice, but it's already been said a bunch.  I want to say something else, something that's both scary and assuring.
Liam's family was very safe. They hardly went anywhere or did anything risky. Liam had just taken up scuba diving and only went once a month. My mom said "I never expected anything like that to happen to him in a million years."

So you never know what's going to happen. Sure, some things are riskier than others, but God is in control, and he'll take you home when he decides you're done here, whether or not you jump from airplanes or just stay at home sewing.

God will take you when he needs you. And it can happen when you're sleeping, driving, walking, or scuba diving. But it will happen at His appointed time and place. It's okay to a.) dread it or b.) look forward to it, but you have to be resigned to trust God and do his will.


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