Thursday, September 23, 2010

Different Types of Blogs

This service has made it possible for many types of people to get "published", a way to get ideas out that is different from anything else. There are several main categories of blogs in my mind.
Complaining Blogs. This is one of the most popular kinds. It is exactly what it sounds like. On complaining blogs, you can hear people gripe about Apple, Crocs, Justin Bieber, and life in general. If you are funny, you might be able to get a fast following, but be careful, or you might just be seen as a whiner.

Photo Blogs: Photo blogs are a popular Blog Of Note choice. They aren't my favorite, though.  If you run with this type of blog, be sure to take pictures of something original, not just pictures of your pet dog. If the pictures aren't funny or beautiful, no one has any reason to look at them.

Inspirational: Some of my posts here are in this category. If you have something meaningful to say, you might get a bunch of followers who respect your view of life. Your posts might be quite long, but luckily, no one expects you to post every day.

Comic: There are very few of these on the blogosphere, because they take a lot of time and talent. The ones you can find, however, are like finding a gold mine.  These would be my favorite, but they take a long time to update because posts can take many hours to do.

Adventure: These blogs are fast paced, fun to read, but can be short lived if just about one trip. Blogs about interesting jobs go here too.

Journal: These are great ways to stay in touch with family+friends. These are a lot less commercial than above, and don't expect a large following, but these blogs can take the place of journals and help you improve yourself! My personal favorite.

What category does mine fit in? Well, my three main kinds of posts are a.) inspirational b.) about Star Wars or c.) about writing. Hmm. Let's just say my blog won't be picked for Blogs Of Note anytime soon.
What kind of blog do you write?

ps. That picture is of my brother at the USS Midway in San Diego. Why did I include it? It just felt like a good picture.


  1. Hey, I just gotta say i like ur blog and thanx for the tip about the background it helped. :D


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!