Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My favorite kind of music, hands down, are obscure alternative rock/Christian songs that you would never hear on the radio. I don't understand why people put pop songs on their iPods, when you can just turn on the radio and hear them playing all the time! 
Most pop songs I love, and then I get sick of them. (like Dynamite, Replay,  and Meet Me Halfway)
Some songs I hate them, love them, then get sick of them again.(Like Bulletproof.)

Those songs are good, but they're just played wayyy too many times. After the first million times, then it starts getting tiring. Second million, you don't listen to the song anymore. After that, you're covering your ears and running away so you don't have to hear it. 

My favorite bands are Paramore, Switchfoot, Pillar and Rise Against. Ever heard of them? Look them up on youtube, or maybe I'll post clips of them here.


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  1. Ha ha! I was listening to Rise Against-Savior right before I posted this! Love that band, along with Breaking Benjamin and (I know this one's an oldy) I just discovered Smashing Pumpkins, now I'm addicted.

    I totally understand what you're saying, some of my friends love pop music, and I might listen to it once or twice, but it gets old after you hear it for the 30th or 40th time.

    Oh and of course Casting Crowns and Third Day.


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