Sunday, May 1, 2011

Featured Blogger-Paige

I had a super hard time deciding which of you to feature today. This feature-thing is just a way of saying thank you for my 1 year anniversary. Hope you enjoy the post!

"P=Passionate A=Ambitious I=Interesting G=Girlie E=Exotic"

In Paige W's own words, this is who she is. She writes for newspapers, dances in competitions, and still manages to maintain a fairly constant blog. 

When I first found her blog, I wasn't sure if I'd click all that well with her. After all, she was into fashion and chick flicks and Pretty Little Liars, non of which I particularly cared for. But soon, her exuberant attitude toward writing, dancing, and life in general won me over.

Paige has been blogging ever since October last year. She has 43 followers and recently got a beautiful new design from Qui. She's started two books, likes Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, and blogs about trends in music and clothing. Every now and then she has a book review called a "Readers Ramble."

I'm not very much into high school drama novels, but the two she wrote, Bucket List and Flawed, are captivating even for a nerd like me.(They are both partly on inkpop).

Here is my favorite post from her:

Here is the link! Please follow her. ;)

Star Wars Meme Day 1(I'm slapping this onto the end of all my posts) Your favorite character!
It'd normally be someone from the EU, but there's a question for that. So I'm going to go with...(augh! I can't decide) um...Luke. Or Han. or Leia. Or R2D2. Yeah for creativity.


  1. AAAHHH! Thank you so much for featuring me!! That means a lot! Yeah we aren't really into the same things, I'm not into Star Wars at all but you're still one of my most awesome followers and blogging friends! And I'm glad my stories appeal to you haha :p Are you on inkpop?

    That's your favorite post? That's one of my faves too!
    And see at least we have dancing and writing and reading in common!
    I am pretty sure I gained a follower from this post, so thanks so much! It's an honor to be featured :)

    Would you mind if I borrowed this "Featured Blogger" idea from you for my year anniversary? (Which isn't until October) I love the idea!

  2. Cool way to support your followers

  3. Aayla Secura. Because they way she took out Aura Sing was the awesomest thing EVER!!


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