Tuesday, May 3, 2011

is determined to strangle the life out of me day by day.

I've been taking State Testing today and yesterday, so I apologize if I haven't been on much.

Life is ganging up on me to squish me......

In Girl Scouts, I'm getting ready for this big, 3-day nautical competition called GAM, which tests nautical knowledge, knots, international code flags, semaphore, morse code, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and rowboating, sailing, and general Girl Scout knowledge, etc. etc. Our troop doesn't take it too seriously, but I'm hardwired with a "I GOTTA WIN" instinct. I learned all 40 of my flags, but most of the other girls don't know theirs. A lot of the other girls are pretty lazy about it too.

This is what they do during the meeting:
*text text*
(looks over at me and Rae)"WOAH how do you guys know all this stuff?"
*goes back to texting*

Another girl, Bryanna is too discouraged to try to learn anything. She thinks everything is too hard and extreme for her. She's like "This stuff is for really dedicated people."

Another girl hasn't shown up at all.

Did I mention that the competition is in a week?

I'm signed up for most of the swimming events and Morse Code for Message to Garcia. All the girls have to take the main Class A test, the flag test, School of the Crew(marching) and the knot test. Bryanna and the texting girls did learn like, one knot out of the fifteen we have to know for the competition. I learned all my knots and flags, but I'm afraid it won't help the troop much.

The other thing I'm freshly ticked off about is other people's attitude towards homeschoolers.(again.)

Jared(my "friend."): "Amaranthine, do you have any friends besides me at all?(!!!!!!!!!!) I mean you're homeschooled."

My own youth group leader(sniff. Not her too!): "They're homeschooled homeschooled, though, so the socialization is like nada." (She wasn't saying this about me, though.)

Justin, yesterday at CSTs. When I told him how long I've been homeschooled, he looked me straight in the eye and said: "You must be completely socially inept."(!!!!!!!!!)
Star Wars Meme-Favorite Villian/Favorite Diva.

Just because. ;)

Tied with:
The ultimate anti-Jedi.(Natasi Daala)

Favorite Diva-
What's a Star Wars diva? XD

The ultimate Star Wars diva. ;) (Mara Jade)


  1. You can be public schooled and anti-social
    too people!!

    It just goes to prove, us homeschoolers are SO smart, others can't comprehend us! lol

  2. Haha. I just wrote a huge research paper about home schooling and socialization and here's a quick summary: the whole thing is total bull crap. Home schooled kids can be just as socialized, or more so, than public school kids.

  3. MESA LOVES MARA JADE!!!!!!!!!!! *is stealing...er...borrowing picture*
    Admiral Daala is cool too. ;)

    UGH! I hate when people are like that. :P I know plenty of anti-social public schooled people!!!! And, for a homeschooler, I'm incredibly socialized. xD Amen Ashley! ;) We're just super smart. :D

  4. Even though I'm public schooled, I have enough homeschooled friends to know that not all homeschoolers are anti-social ;) I know lots people in public school that are more anti-social than my homeschooled friends XD

  5. *is offended* I am NOT anti-social. Much. >.<

  6. It drives me crazy when people think that all homeschoolers are anti-social. Kids in public schools can be anti-social, just like homeschoolers can be "social butterflies". It all depends on the individual.

    OOH! Plo Kool Daala, Boba, and Mara pics!!

    -Barriss :-D

  7. I don't think that (Public schooler) in fact the home-schoolers I now in real life are more social than me XD
    Good luck with the GS thing!


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