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pictures and survey questions 3+4

(life is too short to)not wear red shoes is having a photography contest(portrait). So I want to know which ones you think I should enter. I have two entries :)

 This is one where I experimented with crossfading.

If you pick this one I can turn it darker if you think it's too bright. I sort of like the brightness of it though.


This is Lauren <3. Do you think I should use this one(a bit over sharpened).
or this one:(more natural)
I have some more too...hmm..

God's Princess 
Survey question number 3
Imagine the ideal you. What would you look like? What would you be like?

Question number 4:
What's your definition of beauty?


  1. Just to be clear, the "ideal you" includes specific abilities and goals.

  2. Oh so many things. I would be tall and graceful, athletic and powerful. I would be kind, but strong and able to be ruthless if the situation called for it. I would be a natural leader and everyone would look up to me. I would be an amazing cellist, pianist and singer, have multiple books published, and be skilled at using the bow and arrow. I would write my own music. I would also be good at archaeology and history and science. The boys would all have crushes on me, but I wouldn't have any of them until I was sixteen. And he would be nice and funny and considerate and make me laugh every day. And he would tell me that my hair was beautiful and it would be true. Everyone would admire me for my abilities but they would also just like ME, they would want to be around me and I would never feel like I don't have any friends. And I wouldn't have any zits on my face and also perfect vision. And good handwriting.

  3. The ideal me might be a smidge taller and less shy. But then again, I don't really mind being short. It's just that it makes it rather difficult to find pants that fit me, and I don't always enjoy having conversations with taller people (5 1/2 feet and taller) because I have to strain my neck a wee bit. Other than that I'm happy with my appearance. My shyness on the other hand is a whole other issue. I would absolutely love to be able to walk up to almost anyone and start a conversation, but unfortunately I'm not skilled in that area. I can't even keep eye contact with people who are older than me! I wish I wasn't like this and I've been trying to fix it.

    My definition of beauty... I guess I find it beautiful when a person is content with the way God made them because they seem to be the most at ease. After all, God made us in His image, and he's perfect, so I don't think it's entirely right to try and change who He made us.

  4. First Question: to be more learned in the Scriptures. :)

    Second Question: the same lesson from Beauty and the Beast. You are beautiful by being you; and who you are inside. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside.


    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. I think you should do the crossfading one. :)

    Now, to your questions.......

    The ideal me would be someone who always knew what to say and when to say it. My nails would all be the same length. I would have poise and grace and I would always make people feel happy. I would also be a great ballroom dancer and I wouldn't have my lisp. I would also have correct posture *sits up straight*. I would also have no temper and my siblings wouldn't be scared to make me mad.

    My definition of beauty is beauty that comes from the inside and shines out. I think it's the eyes that capture beauty for me. The eyes are windows to the soul.

  6. I think you should use the third portrait. I like it sharpened. :3

    Now for the questions.

    What would you look like? I've always wanted black hair. And green eyes. That way my pale, not-able-to-tan-even-in-Texas skin would actually look okay, instead of looking like some freak among my tan sister and my hispanic friends and the people who can tan. Oh, and I would love to be either, if God is going to keep me short, small and curvy. Or if I'm going to shoot up like a weed, I want to be curvy too. Tall, extra skinny people are weird.

    What would you be like? I would be more charitable. I'm really bad at being charitable. I would also be more Godly, considering I'm really struggling with my faith right now.

    What's your definition of beauty? Beauty is good on the outside. Making yourself look good can boost self-confidence. But it does not have to be everything. Beauty on the inside is equally important. Beauty on the outside is gratifying, while beauty on the inside is Godly.

  7. I like the first one the best!

    The ideal me. Uh. The ideal me is very different from the real me. The ideal me would be skinny, and naturally very athletic. The ideal me would have perfectly curly hair. I've never had any desire to be taller. xD
    The ideal me would have a better singing range, the ideal me wouldn't be lazy or procrastinate, and the ideal me would be a really nice person and better at making friends. I dunno, i just want to be one of those people who literally shines because she's beautiful on the outside and the inside.

    My definition of beauty...those people who smile alot and when they do the whole room lights up and makes people like me look less mean and grumpy. >.< But it's mainly in the smile for me.

  8. Ideal me wouls be smarter and skinnier and better at talking to people. My hair would be less unruly. Ideal me would be nice and liked and no acne!

    Beauty is somone who is nice and smart and has good personal hygene

  9. The ideal me would look pretty much the same as I do now, except my hair would be curly, like Taylor Swift's, except brown. I would be hardworking and not procrastinate. I would be a proffesional author and a journalist/photojournalist. Most of all, I would never be mean to anyone. I'd be one of those people who is friends with everyone because they're so nice.

    My definition of beauty is love. Someone who feels nothing but love and kindness towards anyone and everyone.

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