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Happy bday to me+my May schedule+survey question

Sorry I've been gone.(I'll explain that later.) I'm sure you all missed me though! Uh huh uh huh.

Today I'm going shopping with my mom..and then to my dance studio XD. Ooh ooh I got a lot of money and a bracelet.

<3 to Jedi Chick, being the only one to send me birthday greetings via email, and Ahsoka2898, being the only one to PM me about it. <3 (Not if you count my dentist AND orthodontist. They sent me ecards too. Nice.)

How old am I turning?
If you believe the Lakehouse, today I am 100.

 So I have something important to tell you. During the month of May/early June, I will be having a new posting schedule. Which is:
I can only post on weekends. WAH WAH WAH

Last week, I had the notion(planted, reinforced, and enforced by Mom) that i needed to spend more time on schoolwork. I think I said something like "Pssh." which only made her more certain.

Don't worry! It's only till school ends. My God's Princess posts will have to be put off till then, because I wanted to post them in close proximity of each other.

I was like "Mom! That's blog suicide! I have an online reputation to keep, you know!"
Luckily it's only for a month or else I would die. Like, seriously, die.

I'll be posting later! I won't be posting after today until the weekend so I will  seriously take advantage of this blogging opportunity.

(not to be spreading my notion to other people, cough Jedi~Chick.)

Here's a survey question;

What part of yourself do you wish you could change? (external and internal)

I'd like to be tall, muscular, and have red hair please.


  1. Happy birthday Amaranthine! I would have said Happy birthday before but I didn't know today was your Birthday until now! haha.
    At least it's only until school ends! I can't wait for summer!

  2. No problem if you have to slow down for a little while. I'll still be here. :)

    Now, for your question...I would really like to be more learned in God's Word. :) That's something I really want. Phsyically? Mmm...I'm not sure. Maybe a little taller. I actually like myself the way I am. I'm over average in height, I like my blue eyes, and I've been told countless times that people pay big bucks to have the type of curls that I have naturally. So, I'm pretty happy.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Happy 100th Birthday, Amaranthine!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the oldest person I know!

    I want to have less of a temper. I also want to be sweet to everyone I meet, especially to my siblings.

  4. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!! :D :D :D *MASSIVE HUG*

    I understand-- Im going to try to only post on the weekends too :P School, school....

    Love that pic by the way !

    As far as your question: outwardly, I'd rather actually be over five feet, thanks very much, and I wish my skin wasn't as dark as it is. I know, it seems petty, but I'm almost always the darkest person in a crowd because I tend to be around a lot of white folks ;) And inwardly, sort of inwardly, I wish I wasn't so obnoxious. I would love the need to always be talking gone forever :P

  5. Happy birthday!

    I don't have time now but I'll answer your question later today when I have more time.

  6. Happy birthday, internet buddy!! :DD

    Outwardly: I would change the shape of my face. I have always wanted one of those really sharp-cut, short bobs, but it would make my face look fat. :/

    Inwardly: I would change my heart. Either my heart, or my memories.

  7. I didn't know your b-day was to day but I hope it's happy.
    I would give me red hair too, lose a few freckles andbe more assertive

  8. Happy birthday!!!! I would have emailed you if I'd known. >.>

    I would change my nose. I have a schnauz. However, I live by these words, "Barbra Streisand and Lea Michele didn't get nose jobs and they're doing just fine." If not my nose, I'd want to be skinnier.

    Intneral? Well, being nicer would be great. I'd love to be less assertive and "tell it like it is."

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! I haven't had time yet to tell you earlier because I haven't been on the computer until now XD

    For what I would change about myself, I would make my hair either really curly or really straight (I hate how its kind of a mix of both) and I would make myself less lazy.


    External: Curly Red or black hair, Tanner then I am now, maybe a bit shorter.

    Internal: Sweeter, more loving, and more fairy tale like.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! Yay, I was the only one! xDD You're the oldest person I know! I can't believe you're 100! Wow, time flies doesn't it? xDD

    Stuff I'd want to change......
    I'd like to be skinnier, have red(er) hair, and green(er) eyes. I'd like to keep growing.....(I'm taller than my mom, but she's SUPER offense mom...)and learn to control my tongue (it gets me in trouble sometimes....)
    Internally I'd like to have a more open mind, and to be eager (more eager) about school. It's almost done! I'd like to NOT get distracted so easily (hello, this post is a distraction...XDD Love ya! xD) and I'd like to not have insomnia for no darn reason. I'd also really like to not get depressed by sad fanfics. I cried myself to sleep last night because of those things.....Okay, enough. This comment is too long. XD
    Happy birthday sistah! I love ya and have the best day ever!!!!!

    Jedi~Chick <333

    P.S. My mom has threatened to cut my blog time up too. :P Now though, I'm cutting it REALLY close to getting in trouble for this Abigail Adams report. XD I'm working on it! ;)

  12. Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! You all are really sweet. You made me feel really special!

    @DSK- I KNOW RIGHT? (about the hair thing.)
    @two blue eyes. Thanks :)
    @Abby-Aww. GIANT HUG BACK-You will grow! :)
    @Sarah-Don't worry about it.
    @Paige, Ashley, Audrey, futurejedi-Thanks! :D :D :D
    @Qui-It's okay :)

    <3 you all,

  13. Abby: STOPPIT!!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD OF IT! FOR THE LAST TIME... IF YOU WERE ANY TALLER YOU'D TOTALLY INTIMIDATE ME! I'm a rather timid person, really... I very much enjoy your chattiness, and I guess this partially answers the question:

    I wish I could be more like you because you're so awesomely social. I'm not. At all. I feel like my social skills (or lack thereof) really get in the way sometimes and it makes me appear rude, insolent and sometimes hostile toward others. But I'm not! Really! I'm just really shy!

    And for the record, you couldn't be obnoxious if you tried your hardest (unless you decided o purposefully sing off pitch, but that's another story) and your skin is lovely. I love it.

    Oh, and I think it would be cool to have red hair like my dad did when he was my age.

  14. Yeah, I agree with EFC! You're really funny and probably get along with everyone. I'm going to say I wish I was like Abby too.


  15. Happy Birthday! I sent you a card yesterday. ;)

    Question time! Question time!

    I don't want to change myself. God made me how I am, and I don't want to change. He made me and how I look. Why would I want to change? I also look a lot like my great-grandma, and that's a great honor to me. I seriously don't want to change. ;P

    But I do wish that I could fix a few problems with how I act. I am way too impatient and bossy and grumpy. Now I'd like to change that. But recently I have been growing so much as a Christian, that those issues will be disappearing with time. I pray often that God will help remove those flaws.

    -Ley <3

  16. Happy birthday Amaranthine, I'm always here with you.


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