Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Part 1(may the fourth be with you.)

Part 1

Favorite Pirate
This one.

Favorite Political Entity:
I'm not sure if this means a politician or a government system. My favorite government SYSTEM  is the New Republic:

And my favorite politician is Mon Mothma:

My favorite creature:

Nexus w00t.

My favorite movie:

I’m going to go with the critics and say ESB.

Favorite movie character:
How can you not love this guy? If the picture does not make you swoon, you are heartless. sorry.

Favorite EU character:
Yes! hah! EU FTW!!!!
Jaina Solo forever! and ever! and ever! and ever! and ever!

I should put a male character too, so....

heck yeah Kyp Durron.

Favorite Weapon:
I’m on a sugar rush right now...
The names are wrong but oh well.

Favorite non-human race/species.
Chiss, because being uberawesome fighters with no sense of humor is cool.

Most memorable death:
This guy, because I remember being all “????? AH AH AH WATTHEHECK THEY KILLED ANAKIN!!!!!!!!!AHHHH!”

Favorite EU novel:
This is going to be a tough one....uh......uh...I’ve read practically all of them XD
It’s a tie between this one:
This one was so funny...and sad...and awesome.

They’re both by the same author...that’s sad. XD But this one was kind of a giveaway. It was Sacrifice, with Mara on the cover. Who do you think is gonna die?
Actually, I’m going to call a three way tie. And this one’s NOT by Karen Traviss XD.
This was the first EU “grown up” book I read. <3 It’s full of Jaina/Jag <3 <3 <3

Will post more later. :)


  1. GAH!!!! You LIKED the book with my favorite character dying?!?!?!?!!? HOW?!?!?!?!?!?

    LOL, I love how hyper you are when you posted this. XDD Made me giggle. :P Happy Star Wars Day! :D Love ya!

  2. So, I'm not so much of a Star Wars fan as you are, therefore, I have no idea what half of the things you listed on here are. I DO know, that your favorite non-human species person is very similar looking to Megan Fox :P
    Great post, Loved the photos :))
    -Joceee <3

  3. Awesome! =D Yoda pirate is epic win! <3
    Noooooo, Anakin Solo can't die! =( Guess he does. =( I'm hyper too, by the way.


  4. Yoda asa pirate?? XD! I started the seires with the book 'Sacrifice' in it but haven't gotten there yet.

  5. I thought Mace's lightsaber was purple...

    Oh well. If I was a Jedi, my lightsaber with DEFINITELY be purple. xD


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