Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ashley Eckstein mentioned us!

I was a little ahem ahem dubious about Her Universe when it just started up, but now I take back every word I said.

Because Ashley Eckstein mentioned The Lakehouse in an interview! This is so awesome I could just cry.

"But because of that, this is a story that actually really touched my heart, there was a group of homeschool girls that, you know, obviously when you’re homeschooled you don’t necessarily get to always interact with other girls at school who you might find that have similar interests. Well, they all met on our message boards, and they found, that they all like Star Wars , and they couldn’t believe that there were other girls out there their age that liked Star Wars – it was like a complete shock to them. Last I heard there was over 38 of them. And they gave themselves their own name, and now it’s like this sorority of girls that all met on and they now have their own separate board that’s private. But they’re planning meet-ups, you know, some of them have never met, with their mothers. I mean literally they are going to get together like a little mini-convention. That’s why we’re starting a community because now you have these 14 year old girls that thought they were alone, now they realize they’re not, and now there are 38 of them and they are getting ready to come together and meet."


This is so awesome. I remember when Ley and JC and I were picking out the layout for The Lakehouse, and how we started setting up and opening new threads. It was around Christmastime and I was at my grandma's house all day almost every day, and I would bring my laptop and work on TLF there. And now we got mentioned! We're going to take over the world! Yay!

(Just a clarification: the number of girls on there has grown to 71. Not all of us are homeschooled and we have girls that are 11 and girls that are over 20. We didn't all meet on HU, but most of the founding members did. The board isn't private-anybody can join. And we don't have anything solid on the miniconvention yet. :) )

I love you Ashley! I feel honored. Thank you so much!


  1. Where do I sign up? I can't seem to find it anywhere....

  2. Oh my goshhhh!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Just wow.

    Which interview was this?

  3. That's so awesome!!!!!!! I'm terrible at forums, so that's why I'm never on TLH. xD

  4. This is a link to The Lakehouse.

    I think this is a link to the whole interview. Be forewarned, the website can be a bit herpderp, which is why I was reluctant to put the link in the actual post.

  5. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! :D I love Ashley!!! ;) She's so sweet, and I'm so thrilled she talked about us in her interview!!!!! :D

  6. Yay! Free promotion! :D Join, people, join! It's the best forum in da world! And no, I am not saying that just because I founded it. xD Amaranthine, put the link in your blog post! ;P

    -Ley <3

  7. YAYYYY! I wish I could meet you all but TLH is good for now!

  8. "We're going to take over the world! Yay!" Oh wow that's funny! XD

  9. Aw, that's so sweet! Actually, (and I forgot to mention this earlier) but when I was at Dragon*Con I stopped by her table and chatted with her for a little bit about Her Universe stuff and TLF, and I told her how much you guys all really love her and how she's y'alls hero pretty much and she seemed really touched to hear that.

    So yeah. :D

  10. That is so cool!! why am I not a member?!?! You have to hook me up!


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