Friday, September 30, 2011

My Desk

 Today I decided to take pictures of my desk, since I just cleaned it. The Lakehouse is the website in these pictures.

You can see where I drew a little lightning bolt on the "HP" logo. XD

 My other desk/paper holder, along with the DVD I sold my soul for two days ago.


  1. So, your desk is a billion times more organized than mine. :) I'm jealous! And quite spacious. :)

  2. Oh you have TWO monitors? Look who's the fancy blogger! ;)

  3. Lovely desk! ;) It would drive me crazy to have to look between two monitors though. XDDD

  4. I love the lightning bolt! My dad has two monitors, and he likes it, but I think I'd always be looking at the wrong screen.

    Now I'm going to go procrastinate about cleaning my own desk off, because seeing how organized yours is makes me feel all guilty. Haha.


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!