Monday, September 12, 2011


I usually don't like the word random, because it's so overabused in everyday culture, but the word randomosity,  I like better, mainly because it's from ARTEMIS FOWL! :D

So here's some random stuff about my life.

Since my work is all caught up I'm not stressed out and in a better mood today.

I'm both happy and nervous because Girl Scouts is starting and I'm one of the officers. It can be really hard, however, to tame a bunch of highschoolers enough to get anything done. It has nothing to do with maturity, it's just that we've known each other for so long no one gives each other much respect while talking XD. So pray that the meeting will go well today and we'll accomplish stuff! XD

Why does Jedi~Chick hate Harry Potter! D; I wrote "The Computer Who Lived" on a post it note and stuck it next to the HP on my Hewlett-Packard monitor.

I'm borrowing The Hunger Games trilogy from a friend today! Yay!

Look! I have friends in real life too. Some of my best Girl Scout friends goofing around :) Lauren is in color guard and Rae is in dance, which is why they can do back bends. I'm the one filming.


 I got an idea for my NaNoWriMo novel! The best ideas should make you excited for NaNo and make you not want to wait. I shall tell you later!


  1. XD 'The Computer Who Lived'. XDD

    Haha! Great video. They're extremely flexible...XD

    Randomosity!!! :D

  2. Sounds like a great start to the week! I hope it's awesome. :)

  3. I finished reading book two of Hunger Games yesterday.... man, can't wait to get the last one (OO)

    You're so funny. I'll be praying for the Girl Scout meet! ;)

    ps who says randomosity in AF? *scratches head* I can't remember....


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!