Thursday, December 22, 2011

most of you have already figured this from the lack of posts

but I'm officially on Christmas break, last week or so. XD Merry Christmas! Love ya!

Today we spent the day rabidly cleaning our house XD. Then my cousins, the awesomest people in the world got here and it's been nothing but fun since. XD Our family reunions are the highlight of my year. We spent a lot of time singing songs from "A Very Potter Musical", PPP, and playing games and nerf guns. :D

I better get back to it!

PS. I found a new favorite font. Cambria! Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't use it >.>

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  1. Oooh. I like Cambria. All my novels are in it.

    Merry Christmas!


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!