Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi! It's the last day of my family reunion. The past couple days have been pretty much playing games, eating, and sleeping, with no work. It's been awesome.

Today we're going to the beach. We're almost done listening to the Sea of Monsters on Audiobook, but half of us have read it already and we keep accidentally blurting out spoilers. Oops.

I read The Son of Neptune and LOVED it. Now I'm back into Percy Jackson again. :D I was so happy Nico and Percy were back, both as awesome as ever. The book was hilarious and sad, Rick Riordan style. I liked the new characters, and I'm really excited for the next one! Hopefully Piper and Jason die/lose their memory(again)/leave/join the Hunters and stop tainting the series with their lameness.

We also went to motorcycle riding class on Tuesday. The class was from 10-3:30, and it was so much fun! I like dirt-bike riding a lot now.

Hopefully talk to you soon!


  1. Sounds like ur having fun! I really want to read Son of Neptune! I miss Percy :P I actually like Piper, but I'm about ready to murder Jason :P

  2. Son of Neptune is probably one of my favorite books EVER :D :D :D

    And yeah, now I want to reread the first series :)


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