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Woah, you can keep a journal on the internet? WHAT?!(journal post)

unrelated picture is unrelated, Kawaielli on deviantart, not a picture of me(haha I wish)


For the past couple years, I've kept a journal on and off, and one of my favorite things is to look through them and see how my life was many years ago. It's amazing to think and reflect...the only problem is, journals are hard to keep up XD.
So I was reading my journal from fifth grade(maybe I'll post pictures a little later..heh heh embarrassing), and I was thinking maybe I should start keeping a journal again, of my high school years..and I was just thinking that a journal would be hard to keep up with, along with my blog..wait, a blog IS supposed to be a journal!
So then I looked back at my posts and I realized that most of my posts are for you guys and not very journal like at all. And then I decided that I should use my blog for journal ling more often and write about my personal life. The only problem is that you might not want to read it and I might lose all my followers, and also there's the limitation that I can't write about some things, because, it's the internet, ya know?
Now I've decided to prefix all my journal posts with (journal post) so that you can see it, and if reading about my life bores you, just skip it! Yay! And if I need to record something that I dont' want to post, I'll just not publish it.

So I'm going to go over the past week or so, and treat it like a journal.


Dear blog,

Today I purchased a pair of fancy mice. One ate the other and then died of loneliness.


Dear Journal,
Now it’s December. The past year has gone by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was at Nai Nai’s house celebrating the start of another New Year. 

The year goes by in blinks. Staying up till midnight on New Years drinking tea.  Blink. Going skiing. Blink. Plotting dastardly acts on April Fools. Blink. Having my birthday. Blink. Celebrating the end of another school year.  Sailing down the harbor in the middle of a summer. Blink.  Going back to high school and taking notes on which teachers grade hard and which teachers are pushovers. Blink. The end of the semester. Blink. December.

And here we are.

I love December and Christmas. I love the lights, the music and the fun happy busy stress of it all. 

Life has been going good for the most part. School is great. It’s a little hard to keep track of stuff, and occasionally I get hit with assignments that send me into a panic. But for the most part, I love all my classes. Spanish has been the hardest this year, but the teacher is really good and the subject is interesting. My teacher for English is probably one of the best teachers I have ever had, even though she’s strict.. Her classes are always the most fun and she sings crazy songs into the microphones and talks about tough difficult subjects and has People-magazine style covers of historical figures and authors. This week is the finals for the first semester, and then a whole month of break! I’m super excited, because I can use the time to edit LITB, my NaNo novel.

Dance has been going good too. I sacrificed my jazz class on the altar of ballet. But I can still make up in jazz. I can do double pirouettes now. Last week I kept falling on people, literally. It was super embarrassing. I’m trying to really increase my flexibility so I can do higher developpes and leg holds and stuff. I’m really loving acro because I’m improving. Acro is the one class where you always know how you improve and how well you do. I can almost kick over from the ground now, and my front limber no longer has my head hit the floor. I’m going to do Ms. Laura’s recital for Saturday ballet. But more on that later.

I still bike five miles three days a week to the studio, and five miles back. I’ve found a way to go there without having to cross too many intersections. I’m not as scared now, although I still get into close calls occasionally, and it’s cold.

Today I had my first really good piano lesson in a long time. We’re working up to the certificate of merit, where I will be taking the last level! I’ve been taking it every year since I was six or seven, so graduating will be awesome for me. Mr. Hansen keeps giving me tons of theory homework…sigh. I’m doing a Chopin Nocturne, a piece from Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier, Copland’s “Three Moods”, and the Mozart sonata I did for the competition.

Oh yeah, the competition sucked. Well, at least I could have done better. I only got third place, which sounds really good but that’s the lowest level besides not placing. And a ton of kids get third and up. I don’t want to do any more but I suppose Mom will make me.

This week has been mostly relaxing with the last couple big projects due, and almost no other work besides studying for Finals. I expect to ace all of them though the math one will be a major suckfest for the one hour of torture I will have to endure it for.

My YouTube is still blocked. 

On Sunday, church was cancelled for Good Neighbor Weekend, so for our service project we walked around our whole community and prayed for people. It was fun, but our community is huge. It took two hours with almost no stopping to rest, and my feet are SORE.

A major source of stress I’ve been going through is The Lakehouse Forums, my pet awesome forum that Ley and JC and me started last winter. The one year anniversary is coming up, and the forum has been having some growth issues. Nothing bad, just growing pains that we had to worry about and work on. But I spent almost my whole Sunday and whole Monday morning stressing, discussing and planning with Ley and JC, and writing emails and PMs and new rules. Everything seems to be going smoothly now, that we’ve promoted RachelisaJedi and JKG to moderatorship. We haven’t put up the new set of rules but we will soon.

On Monday, we had my Girl Scouts holiday party at Dilan’s house. Her house is really nice. We had our secret Santa gift exchange and I got a scarf and thing of popcorn from Celeste. Rae, my other best Girl Scout friend was there, and she was happy to see me, which is awesome. Never underestimate the power of just being friendly and nice. I was having a crappy day from TLF stuff and she made me feel a lot better.

And on Tuesday, I carpooled with Deanna for the first time to the life group holiday party.

Now for this I have to explain something. I knew Deanna’s sister, Justine, from last year’s small group. Justine is a really extreme dancer. She’s really good and into it, one of the top girls in my studio who’ve been dancing since they were like, three. She dances twenty five hours a week and has a solo, duo, trio, and is in five competition groups. She goes to a major performing arts school for dance. 

I thought Deanna was just going to be an older version of Justine, since she goes to the same school and dances also. Not that that’s bad, it’s just that Justine and I didn’t have a lot in common so there were a ton of awkward silences when we talked so it was super awkward.
Deanna is a lot like Justine in the fact that they’re both super pretty, sweet, and polite. They both always are very stylish, pulled together, and calm looking. But talking with Deanna brought me some major revelations. Deanna doesn’t dance nearly as often as Justine, and this is her first year in performing groups, and she’s a high school junior. Also, she hasn’t been dancing since she was three. She’s been dancing since she was fourteen. LIKE ME! My brain nearly exploded when I heard that! I was like babbling incoherently “I thought I was the only one! I thought I was the only one!” Plus, she’s good, and on pointe, and she’s only sixteen, so that gives me a lot of hope and encouragement for myself. 

She told me about the competition groups in our studio and encouraged me to join one. I’d love to, but I don’t dare ask my mom yet XD.

She also plays piano, and is in Certificate of Merit level nine, a year below me. Which is super cool! Also, she goes to the performing arts school for trombone and doesn’t dance there. 

So that was like a total God moment. Here I was feeling so pathetic and loserish, and here comes along this super cool girl who actually started out a lot like me, That was definitely a blessing.

We got our accountability partners. I have Hala and Rebecca, both of whom are darlings, and we’re supposed to meet up and call each other over break, along with the other girls in the small group. I could probably meet Deanna too, at our studio or at the Yogurtland across from it.

So I’m feeling really refreshed and inspired right now. Life is great! I’ve been happy.
Christmas is in almost a week! Is that crazy or what?! My cousins are coming! My favorite people in the whole world! We’ll get to talk about Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Hunger Games, Potter Puppet Pals, and everything! We’ll eat yummy food! And then after, we can go shop at all the winter sales for stuff.


PS. Want an Ipad? I do.


  1. LOVE this idea!

    I keep a journal...actually...its more like a NEED a journal. I had a problem of siblings reading some VERY private stuff (like this certain boy I didn't want anyone to know I had a secret crush on...a small one! Just a small, wittle likkle crush!) so, I've started writing it in codes. Made my own alphabet. Problem solved!

    Back to the point, I love this idea, and might adopt it some extent. :-)

  2. @Ashley--Aren't siblings great? All of journals are prefaced with a 'you are dead if you read this' page, :) Once my sister starting keeping her OWN journal it got better though.

    I love this idea Amaranthine! I can't wait for more posts, :)


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