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The results are in! (response to comments on my book post)

 The final verdict. I didn't really use my recommendation list because at the time I wasn't done with my book research.  
1. Howl's Moving Castle and SON audiobooks. I've been pretty obsessed with audiobooks lately, listening to them during my free time and on the computer while I do something else. I never listen to audiobooks of books I haven't read though. 
2. Four Clique novels. DON'T JUDGE ME. Pink  got me into this series, and its the most gimmicky, silliest, fluffiest, most ridiculous piece of chicklit I've ever read. Then why can't I stop reading? 
 3. Witch and Wizard. I"m really looking forward to reading this. Love JP <3
4. Gregor the Overlander. Finally. From what I've read of THG, will not be reading this at night.  
5. Peter and the Starcatchers. Looks really, really good.  
6.Two Series of Unfortunate Events novels. They look like something I would like. I've never read them.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time attempting to look up every single book recommendation on goodreads/Wikipedia, and then I made a list of all the books which my library had, which interested me. Yes, I do take your recommendations seriously.

@Ashley-Inheritance Cycle is ON the list! I can't say that I'm jumping up and down to read it, but it does look really good! It's really famous and popular, so I'll probably like it XD Chalice and Book Thief are also on it as well.

@Jedigirl-I want to read Heaven is For Real! I heard so much about it! And I <3 Jedi Quest/Apprentice.

@Aayla-I love FOTJ! I can't wait for the last one to come out. And I liked Tuck Everlasting when I read it, NB actually had a moderate effect on my own writing style as well.

@Arda-Cronus Chronicles are at the very top of my list! I read a sample chapter and it looks amazing, unfortunately it was checked out, but I'll be super excited when it does come in!

@Eldra-ha, I didn't even find them very entertaining. The first book had a really good premise and MC, and I"m in strong belief that Alex Rider would be a very good series had it been written by someone else.

Homelanders is second on my list! It looks really good and I'm excited to read it! My library doesn't have it at all but if I can get my hands on it another way, I will.

@Endor-I don't have the patience required by most Jane Austen books XD. And I'll keep an eye out for the others, although my library doesn't stock most Christian fiction.


Yes Heroes of Olympus! I can't cant' can't wait for the next one! eeeeee XD. (hugs Nico)

Pink, I no longer accept your reading recommendations after you got me hooked on The Clique. (I got four more Clique novels yesterday, oops. And did you know I"ve never read a Clique novel in more than one sitting... >:D) YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS ARE TOO ADDICTING DARNIT

@JandJ-Yeah, it's great! I might try Darth Plagueis, even though I'm not much for pre-ROTJ EU.

Thanks for the recommendation! Like I asid, not a lot of Christian fiction at le library :'(

I tried I tried (sobs) I just can't get into books about anthropomorphic animals...I might try it again, though. I showed Ryan the Redwall books at the library and said "(insert your name here) really likes these books." ...he said "It looks like something (insert your real name here) would read." I don't know what he meant by that.

Both! I like series though. Recommendations, plz! ;) You mean Nevermore? I thought you read Angel already.  It did crash. You're just mad cause of Fang, though, aren'tcha? I do not consider manga real reading XD.

This late down on the list, I was starting to get very tired of checking out books, so I must confess that I didn't put a lot of effort into finding the books you mentioned, but they sound really good so they'll be first in my next "library raid." Except A Wrinkle in Time. I loved A Wrinkle in Time.

Heh, thanks!
For now I put all books labeled as "easy reads" on hold. I have had enough of those after Alex Rider XD.

Back again? :) Ooh, historical! I'll check out those other two you mentioned.

@Taylor-Yup, Inheritance! Yay for no waiting XD. I hope you like the book!  Good luck on your goal! Last year's was 100...I failed at around eightysomething >.>


IKR!!!! I LOVE Nico! He's like..(counts)...fifth, or sixth on my list of most epic male book characters of all time!(I read a lot of books, and he's the highest non-MC, so THERE) But I seriously love Nico.

Yeah!...yeah....., haha, go ahead XD. It's really good.

I didn't really hear too good things about SW's work, but I might try them again. I'll check those out, I'll check those out...I read A Separate Peace for school...It was really good but really sad, too.

(chokes) Clearly you are unaware of my opinion regarding Inkheart. The gist is that I probably would have really liked Inkheart if I hadn't been falling asleep throughout the whole book. I'm not even sure what exactly they did.

@Shena- Yay! Got the first one yesterday.

I got Gregor the Overlander yesterday as well.  By this time I was really exhausted from looking through book recommendations, so the only other one from your list I looked at yesterday was Chaos Walking. I do not really want to read those books for a long time XD, from what I saw. I'll check out your other recommendations later today! Except-bleck-Anthony Horowitz-bleck-author of Alex Rider.

@Satine-We share the same taste in books!
-Read the Hobbit. Loved it.
Shusterman,Shusterman,...sounds familiar-AHA! Everlost, wasn't it? Nice try Satine. (Did you know he attended college at the university in my town?)

-Pendragon-I might try those too. I saw them yesterday but didn't get them.
NOO. CAT. BOOKS. I don't care HOW relatable they are. They're CATS.

Read Winn-Dixie, and I really love Jules Verne.

Thanks everybody for your recommendations! I'm feeling a lot better today.


  1. >:)

    I KNOW those books are addicting. I've been reading them since I was nine...ahem. I only stopped hunting them down at just about every library after I bought the 14th (and final) book last year.(Yes, 14, counting the prequel and Summer Novellas) And really, most of new Clique books come with a sample chapter of Alphas in the back! XD

    Okay, okay. You are done with my recommendations.

    But seriously, take a look at The Red Headed Princess and the Diamond of Drury Lane. They're Historical Fiction and they're Ah-mazing XD

  2. Chalice is REALLY good. Fire priests...romance (a little), and..and..epic sauce all around!

    And, I wasn't crazy to read the Inheritance Cycle either, I just hadn't put any thought into it. I saw our library had all of them on stock, and since I needed another book to reach my book borrowing limit, I decided to pick it up. I figured, what could it hurt?

    I became addicted.

    I stayed up till 12 two nights in a row...reading it.

    And, if I ever get a tattoo, it will be on my palm, and will be a white color, and I'll yell, "BRSINGER!" at people.

    I have become an Eragonian.

  3. Glad you're feeling better!!!! I think that The Clique books are calling my name.....XDDDD

    I don't have too many recommendations for you....we read a lot of the same books. :P And I've had no time for reading lately...*le sigh*


    JC <3

  4. Oh yeah, I guess Nevermore is the one I haven't read. Whatever is the very last one... and yeah, I'm ticked at Max AND Fang. I like Dylan though xD

    Manga isn't real reading, but it's definitely FUN. :P

    I'll shoot you an email chock full of good books once I finish assembling my list ^_^

  5. Yay, I'm glad you got so many great recommendations!! And thank you for the good luck wishes. ;)

    The Clique books don't sound like my kind of thing...but I totally know what it's like to not be able to put a series down. That's what Twilight is like for me...they're really not my favorite books and if Bella was real then her addiction to Edward would probably be considered extrememly unhealthy, but when I read those books IT'S LIKE I CAN'T PUT THEM DOWN!! AAHHH!!

    Also, I saw that someone recommended The Book Thief, and I have to tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Like, it's completely unique. It's a historical fiction about Nazi Germany told from the perspective of Death. EPIC WIN! It was the most incredible book and is now one of my top favorite reads. Definitely try it when you get the chance!

    Also, about my video...I'm putting credits at the end ("in order of appearance"), but the names won't be on the photos or anything. I hope you'd like to participate! :D

  6. Okay, hope you enjoy Witch and Wizard! You'll really like the Underland Chroncles; they aren't as dark as THG trilogy or as violent.
    Yeah, the Chaos Walking trilogy is very dark and if that sort of thing bothers you, you should probably wait a few years. Hope you enjoy the other recommendations I gave you :)
    Hope you enjoy your chosen reads; I've read some of them and they were good.


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