Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Scores from Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks are some of my favorite things to listen to! They're beautiful, epic, and awesome. I've made a list of my favorite scores from different movies. 

Just for fun, I've created a poll where you can vote for your favorite score off this list. To be eligible, you need to listen to all ten. It's not hard! I purposefully picked-short-ish songs. Just listen to them while you're off on your other internet adventures. You won't regret it! Also, remember that you're voting for the scores, not the movies. You can HATE Harry Potter but love "Hedwig's Theme".

In no particular order:

1. "The Narnia Theme Song"-which is just a section from "The Battle Theme" from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

It fits so well! I really love this piece.

2. "Harry and Hermione"-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
This one is really quiet and understated, but also moving. I have four HP scores on here, because each movie has a radically different soundtrack. Runner up: "In Noctem"

3. "Test Flight"-How To Train Your Dragon

This one makes me want to fly. I learned to play it on the piano. This is the main theme of HTTYD. Runner up: "Romantic Flight."

4. "Force Theme"-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

"Force Theme" is really beautiful and shows off the tender, non-flashbangy side of Star Wars.

 5." Flight of the Order of the Phoenix"

 It incorporates adventure and excitement, and the scene it goes with is just epic.

6.Homecoming-Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
I really didn't like the movie, but the soundtrack was amazing. The runner up from this movie: "Fighting Luke Pt. 2" It starts out quietly, then gets really epic toward the end. This is sort of the main theme.

7 . "Merry Go Round of Life" Howl's Moving Castle theme song
One of the most beautiful pieces ever from one of the most beautiful movies of all time. Runner up: "Wandering Sophie"

8. "The Sirius Deception"

Another "soaring" one.

9. "Imperial March"-Star Wars
Who can resist one of the most ominous, most recognized, most awesome scores of all time?
 10. "Hedwig's Theme"
And finally, the good ol Harry Potter theme, composed by John Williams himself.

Don't forget to vote!


  1. love the star wars themes. they are so awesome. :)

  2. This is so neat :D I love Howl's Moving Castle. Ah. So enchanting. ;)

  3. You're terrible. You're asking me to pick just one?!?!?!. No can do, senorita!

  4. Wow, these are great! I love the Narnia Theme, the Imperial March and Hedwig's Theme the most!

  5. I have to give to the Imperial March and the Force Theme. Star Wars is always be the best. But the last Harry Potter theme is good.


  6. How to Train your Dragon is one of my all time favorite movie scores. BEAUTIFUL.
    You should look up the Thor soundtrack, it's fantastic.
    I love the Harry Potter music, even if I haven't seen all the movies...or read the books....XD
    I love all the SW songs...duh...
    Oh, and the PJatO soundtrack is flawless. I blame you for my soundtrack obsession.

    Great post!!! :) I'm voting for Test Drive. ;D

    Fal <3

  7. I chose "Merry Go Round of Life" because I've never seen the movie and so I know I'm not biased - I just love that music. Actually, it reminds me of UP, which is one of my favorite animated movies! I also liked "Test Flight" - another unbiased one, because I haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon, either. Runners up were "Hedwig's Theme" and "The Narnia Theme Song", but I think that's mostly because of how much I love the movies. Those theme songs make my heart ache because I've always loved Narnia and Harry Potter so much!

    I have a few soundtrack songs on my iPod, which my sisters don't understand because they think they're boring. But when you love a movie, it's like taking a little piece of it with you when you're done watching! I have a few Lord of the Rings songs, a track from the Peter Pan soundtrack (not the animated, the one with "real people"), "A Narnia Lullaby", and the whole soundtrack of Titanic. Titanic is one of my favorite movies, I used to be obsessed! And it has such a great soundtrack. I especially love "The Portrait"...you can listen to it here. People really don't give composers enough credit! James Horner is genius. <3

  8. <3 John Williams! And the Battle theme from Narnia is awesome!
    I also love Lord of the Rings, and Eragon...and Skyrim :D


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