Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hunger games movie

they are really -p-l-u-g-g-i-n-g. this movie. Go to hot topic and find Hunger Games pillowcases, temp tattoos, keychains, nail polishes, baseball caps, toilet seats, toothbrushes, , staplers.......

I was reading a fitness mag and they literally had Hunger Games-based recipes( with the caption, I kid you not, "Eat Like Katniss". I wish they were kidding)

Checked USA Today's bestselling list, THG 1, 2, 3 top the all-genre list, but the youth list is where it gets really interesting. THG #1, 2, 3, round out the top three of course. Then in 4th place, comes the (seriously)? boxed trilogy set. Two places down is the ? THG Tributes guide and then, three places down, the Hunger Games behind the scenes movie compendium...(Then the Rick Riordan books start to make their appearance, but by then I've completely lost hope in humanity)

Nice. Really nice, considering the movie comes out in a whole month.

Nothing adds more magic to your favorite book series than knowing all the time there are executives behind the scenes rakin' in the dough.


  1. Ha. I read Twilight 6 years ago, when it was still somewhat new and not a soul had heard about it. I was seriously THE biggest fan of that series until the movie came out and all of the hoopla came with it. Of course, not long after that, I made the decision to not read paranormal-type books anymore, so it didn't matter much that i was a tad bit heartbroken at how blown out of proportion it got. But either way...sometimes it's nice to have a favorite book that's kind if like your little secret... Still haven't decided if I'll be seeing this movie or not, but I'm curious to find out how good it is, and how close it sticks to the book.
    ~Lauren :)

  2. wow! I want those Hunger Games recipes!!! hahaaha!

  3. I'm so excited for this movie, but I hate all the attention it's getting. Like I feel like it's not as sacred or special anymore. Sigh :'(


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