Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated book release information!

Some of my most anticipated releases of 2012...with release dates and covers!

The Kane Chronicles #3, The Serpent's Shadow: May 1, 2012

Final book in series

Cover: 10/10. Oh my gorgeous! Can you say beautiful?
Title: 7/10....slightly cliched? It's alright.

Artemis Fowl #8: The Last Guardian: July 10, 2012
Final book in series
  Cover: 5/10. The AF covers were never my favorites..hope this is the UK one.
Title 6/10. The title is not too descriptive..or exciting. I'm looking forward to this book so much though.

Maximum Ride #8: Nevermore, August 6 2012

Final book in series
Cover: 9.5/10. The MaxRide series has wayy more covers and editions than a lot of other series. I love this one. Docked half a point because I couldn't figure out whether the person on the cover was Iggy or Max
Title: 10/10. Love it!

Heroes of Olympus Short Story Collection: The Demigod Diaries, August 14th 2012
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6d/The-demigod-diaries-cover.jpg .
Cover: 6/10. Meh
Title: 6/10. Meh x2
Super super excited for this book to come out, nevertheless.

No info, unfortunately, on Mark of Athena.

I just realized that three of these four were the final books in series.., some of my favorite series of all time..What am I going to read now?


  1. could u maybe explain what each book is about? that'd be awesome. gotta check out some of these books. they look good. :)

  2. Hey! I tagged you over at my blog :)
    ~Lauren :)

  3. Can't wait to read all of these books! I love all of those series the books all look so good! :D

  4. Nice covers,must be worth a read!!


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