Sunday, February 19, 2012

Artemis Fowl Movie News and Excerpt From Final Book

I am so stoked for this release. Definitely check out the link above, the excerpt is pretty long.

They're looking for a movie director now, eek!

Are you guys excited or are you guys EXCITED?


  1. I got some at the library, but I haven't read them yet...

  2. Really looking forward to the Artemis Fowl movie. It will be awesome.
    Also really stoked for the last book in the series; can't wait :)

  3. They'd better not butcher the movie like they did with Percy Jackson.

  4. Wait. Artemis Fowl movie??
    Oh, boy. They'd better get it right.
    They should have my friend be Artemis. He looks like him, is as socially awkward, a great speaker, and just as smart (no, really). It's kind of scary sometimes, actually.

  5. They have to get this movie right. Combining the first two books and changing the ending has already made me wary of it. This series rocks and doesn't deserve to be destroyed with a terrible movie.


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