Friday, October 15, 2010


I can't show any with my face in them, but here are some shots of the cloak in progress. The hood is done and lined, and the cloak is done, but I need to serge them and attach them together. Will easily be done by Halloween.

I thought that the sewing would be the hardest, but it's the cutting and pinning. Definitely that, and getting the pieces lined up perfectly would be the hardest. 

 I'm sure real tailors use tables and not the living room floor.....

My best friend:

Got to be the most unorganized work space in the world:

When I sew long seams, I literally take out the pins and chuck 'em back behind the machine, hence the mess behind the machine of pins, fabric remnants, patterns, and who knows what. And you can't see, but my desk is next to this, with my handy PC ready for handy internet browsing while I wait, just for handy internet browsing.

I will find a way to post pics of the whole costume soon! The fabric is crushed panne velvet from Joanns, and I'm using McCalls-4139. My hood is a little small, you might want to enlarge the hood if you're going to try this.



  1. Hahaha I used the living room floor also. :) It looks awesome, girl!!

  2. This is awesome! Oh, I wish I could make a costume--asking for a pattern for Christmas. **crosses fingers**

  3. Ha ha, thanks guys!

    Padme-Patterns aren't that expensive, if you have a Joanns near you they are normally less than $16 depending.


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