Monday, October 18, 2010

The Power....of comments

 We bloggers live for comments. There is nothing more exciting and encouraging then a good comment, or several good comments!! If you want to encourage a fellow blogger, then comment on one of their posts. Heck, even if the design burns your eyes and the writing leaves much to be desired, a little "Nice post!(with something specific to indicate that you actually read the post)" can't hurt. 

So if you know someone with a baby blog, leave them a comment, and make their day! There is nothing worse than the feeling that nobody is reading what you're writing.

If you look at my very early posts,  you will see that I had a faithful commenter, (name-AIOFreak or Madeline). She always found something to comment on for every post and really encouraged me. She doesn't update her blog much, anymore, (life is taking priority) but I can say that she may have saved my blog's life.  

I wanted to say thanks to you all. I treasure each follower and each comment. I was on vacation this weekend, and I came back and saw two new followers! Yay! 

Thanks, Princess of Endor, Migillicuty, Alex, and others! Enjoy the link love!

Check out the two new followers as well.

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