Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random SW Day

 Disclaimer: This is hilarious for Star Wars fans but really confusing for everybody else. 

 For today's random day, we'll:
 Borrow from the TFN forums: 

Some ways you can know you're a EU(or Star Wars) fan:
-a friend asks how much cash you have on you and you say, "uh...about fifteen credits."

-You say "Yes Master" to your teachers.

-when someone mentions monks, you think of mechanical spiders with brain jars 

-You have designed your own superweapon   

-When you meet a new group of people and you think talking like Yoda will make you sound smart. Get some gas, we must.
-When you refuse to take painkillers when you are ill because you believe in honoring Yun Yuuzhan.

Some things SW characters would never say:

Yoda: I only talk funny because it messes with other people's heads. *snickers*
Mara: I'm bored. (lightbulb) Hey, let's go smash my favorite ship into a hanger bay! That sounds fun!

 Any Tatooine pilot: No way am I going to fly a ship through a small trench and shoot at a thing the size of a womp rat. 

Daala: I suppose I wasn't that good.

Rouge Squadron: That's impossible! We can't do that!

Tsavong Lah: Who stole my iPod?

Nute Gunray: Someone get me a blaster, I'm going to kill Senator Amidala myself.

Vergere: There is a dark side and a light side. Follow the light, moron.

And a captioned picture:

"Yay! An invasion! That means no school today!" 

And a quote:

Han: "So there are two reasons to play sabacc, Leia. For fun, or to make money. If your main goal is to have fun, losing a little money isn't too bad. If you're out to make money, and you do, not having fun isn't much of a hardship."
Leia: "I worry whenever anything that sounds even vaguely like philosophy comes out of your mouth."
Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo[src]   If you get all these references, you're my best friend.  Tomorrow: No TCW review! Preview of next weeks' episode, and article on where to start reading on the EU . (To everyone else: Don't worry, I only dedicate 2 days a week to Star Wars.)



  1. What, only 2 days devoted to Star Wars!? We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really. Hehe!

    AWESOME post! I loved the Yoda picture.

  2. The things that Nute, the Rouges and Vergere would never say was haillarious!

    Oh, and can I add one to the list of things that make me know that I'm a Star Wars fan?

    When a friend says Jedis as a plural for Jedi, you feel like smacking them. "Jedi IS plural!" :P

  3. Oh, and I totally got all your references. :D

  4. Like sheep. And moose. Sorry, that just occurred to me.


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