Monday, October 4, 2010


 I would love to believe I am a calm, reasonable person who understands everybody and cares about everybody. However...
There are some people who just drive me insane. If it helps, they drive a lot of other people insane too.
Like this person. She uses "lolz" tirelessly. She's only my age and she cusses and says a lot of inappropriate things. Her grammar leaves MUCH to be desired and she won't let people correct her. And she keeps saying she's "one of the most mature people she knows"!!!! ?????????????????

Big, Red, Flashing, Light: When someone says they're mature(In front of people!), they're probably not very.

Unfortunately, I have a problem "telling people off." In front of people, I'm calm, and VERY patient. This comes from being a magnet. I have trouble telling people they have trouble, and SO the most annoying people who don't have any other friends follow me around.   And the interesting, cool, nice people  will stay away from me and my annoying "friends".

I'm glad I can complain quietly on this quiet little blog.

Did I mention their bad reputations affect mine? ("You know, that Amaranthine. She's okay, but she hangs out with [annoying person]. Let's just stay away from her.")

Don't take what I said wrong! Like I said, this is frustration coming out. I enjoy befriending people who don't have any other friends.-sometimes. But sometimes I need to just...let it go...Release. Take a deep breath. Explode. That's what I did here.

And I'm not talking about people who are shy or have disabilities. The people I'm talking about are just flat-out loud mouthed, annoying.

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