Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Costume

We don't celebrate Halloween. But this Halloween, I am really excited.
I'm making myself a costume this year! This is the first year I'm actually going to have a costume. Hopefully I will get to wear it to a church Halloween event. And maybe trick o treating. I got the idea from here.

Did I mention it's going to be a Barriss Offee costume?

Barriss Offee is my favorite Old Republic Jedi, even though she gets about 10 seconds of screen time(if even.) But just look at this GORGEOUS costume. (from said link.)

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I'm just making the cloak, so I don't expect it to be this good. Wish Me luck! I'll post pictures!


PS. Do you dress up for Halloween?


  1. I used to dress up for Halloween, but not anymore. Last year, I did dress up in my scrubs to give candy, though. As a kid, I would dress up as Superman and later as a vampire. Good times.

  2. HECK YES I DO!!! I'm just being a generic Padawan again this year. Your costume looks way cool, even if its just the cloak.... so are you just wearing a black dress underneath? What about the tatoos?

    I prefer Aayla Secura, But Barriss is cool too. :)

  3. Oh BTW, have you explored the Padawans Guide to Star Wars Costumes?

    I've found it extremely helpful.

  4. Awesome costume! Even if it's just the cloak, that alone is so detailed and elegant. Barriss is one of my favorite female Jedi; I loved her in the Medstar duology.

    Yeah, I used to trick or treat, but I suppose I've reached the age where it's become socially unacceptable.

    So sad...


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!