Thursday, October 14, 2010

Question: How careful should you be on the internet?

You've got to read this article if you haven't heard about this:

And you can watch the original video too on youtube, if you want. But he's right: "Asking the internet for mercy is like asking the IRS for a 50% discount."

This article raises a lot of questions: and seemingly obvious answers. How careful are you on the internet?

I don't have a facebook, twitter, or youtube account, but I can relate to not being careful enough on the computer. I've got my name on here, but I don't post pictures of my face. Some of you don't use your real names, nicknames, or even names at all! Some of you post first, last names, and photos. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the internet. Remember when you posts something for the internet, you're posting it for the world to see.

And you have to be careful what you say, because your words can be taken completely out of context sometimes, and you can't delete it. I try to be as careful as I can on here and other places, with no bad grammar or bad language. It's tough though-my reputation went down several notches unintentionally on a certain site(eyebrows, eyebrows.) and I've even lost followers here!

Have you ever had any internet mess-ups or misunderstandings? (Hopefully not on Jessi's level, though.) How careful are you on the world's biggest playground? (I'm still trying to figure out how to show you a picture of my Barriss costume without showing a picture of my face.)



  1. Hey, I like the new background. I'm not as careful about my real name as I should be- if you keep your eyes open you can probably find it- but please don't!!! :) I don't really have a problem stating my hometown or showing my face, but beyond that (real names, more specific locations, etc) I try to keep my mouth shut.

  2. Like your blog url has your real first name. :)


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