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Will not be silenced

I am sooooo frustrated at Blogger right now. It's messing up my page layout for no reason.

I like to click around on the blogger bar that says "next blog". From there, I can check out random blogs around the community. I know that's what Blogs Of Note is for, but I have a bit of an ego, and it gets me down when I'm constantly bombarded with blogs that are better than mine. (Doh! Why didn't I think of that idea?) my inner blogger yells at me. From clicking around on the blog community, I have noticed these consistencies:
~Parents like to post pictures of their babies.
~Teenage girls like to post pictures of fashion, or music, or their lives
~artists(THEY always get lots of followers) post pictures of there art.
~other people post random pictures of random things.
I just clicked the "Next blog" button twice. The first was one about inspiring photos.(see?) The second one was lots of pictures of a little boy in a language which I can't comprehend.

What gets me really confused sometimes, is these blogs are popular.  These people get hundreds of followers by posting pictures of flowers and shoes! Maybe I'm just jealous. I've only been around a little while. My posting is erratic and inconsistent. Is it just me, or does it take a lot to get settled into the online Star Wars community? Maybe it's the fact that I don't always post just about Star Wars, but lots of random things as well.

I don't want to post only about one thing though. That seems kind of...limiting. Most of the news that gets circulated about Star Wars is the same thing. New lightsaber chapstick, reviews of TCW, viral fan videos...? With all the other sources of Star Wars news, why would they pick a random girl who also posts about trees and spaghetti, and whose blog design changes drastically every couple hours?

Also, I would rather have a couple loyal followers who are like friends and leave personal comments, than 3000 followers whose comments I don't have time to read?(Exception: Allie Brosh, of Hyperbole and Half, should be applauded for personally reading and responding to every one of her often 100+ comments on every post.)

You guys wouldn't like it if I posted only about shoes just to gain popularity, right?

 I'll try it:
File:Red High Heel Pumps.jpg

Look! Shoes! They um...go on your feet. You would wear a shoe like this to.....actually, I don't like high heels. They hurt my feet. I would much rather prefer boots. Like Obi Wan's in Attack of the Clones! They're leather and they have these leather straps at the top... ooohhhhhhh

I don't think this is working that well for me, guys....



  1. "I don't want to post only about one thing though. That seems kind of...limiting."

    I agree. I've come across lots of blogs where post after post is on the same topic. It seems to be the accepted thing to do, but like you I prefer to cover a wide range of subjects. That said, a big slice of my blog covers Hong Kong [where I live], China and Chinese culture generally. I see that you like travelling, so you might like some of my Hong Kong posts, written from the point of view of a long-time resident.

    Here is the link.

  2. HAhahaha!!! Jedi boots all the way, sister!

  3. Amaranthine, thanks for visiting my blog. In answer to the question you posed, I live in Hong Kong because my wife is a local Chinese and a professor at HKU. And I'd rather be here than back in the UK. The food's better for a start.


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