Thursday, June 2, 2011

Orlando again???????

Qui lives(or will live) in florida. JC lives in florida. Ashley lives in Florida. CBC lives in Florida. Epcot Jen lives in Florida. Jedigirl1990 lives in florida.

I live in California.

This is one of those "why, God, why?" moments.


  1. Orlando isn't too far away, but it is a long trip. I would have perfered it to be in Texas somewhere like Dallas or Houston. But I knew long ago it was going to be in Orlando. I heard something about Lucasfilm signing a two-year contract with them.

    Either way I bet Jedi~Chick, Qui, Ashley, and the rest are glad to hear this news. ;P I know people are going to be mad at it being in the same place twice.

    But what I don't get is the DATES! Seriously those are the dates when kids are going back to school. Can you say stupid timing???

    -Ley <3

  2. You're not alone, I live in Pennsylvania haha.

  3. You can come live with me if you want! xD

  4. Boo, I wanted it to be somewhere different.

    And that's two weekends before Dragon*Con too, so I'd have to make a choice about which one I wanted to go to.


  5. We might live in FL, but I've only been to Orlando twice. and I can hardly remember much about it.

    If I ever go to visit my favorite author -who happens to live in CA- Maybe I can stop by! Or, maybe not, depending on where you live in CA....

  6. I feel the same way!!! I live in Oklahoma, and even if that isn't as far away as you are, my parents have already said no to Orlando. Why does Florida get all the conventions? Fans in Texas or California would love to have a convention near them too.

    Not to mention they are scheduling it while people will be at school. Now I for sure won't be able to go.

    My family better prepare themselves, because I'm going to be ranting about this for days.

  7. To answer all of your questions, FL gets all the conventions because it is awesome, and it has a two year contract. XDD

    I feel really bad that y'all can't go!!!!!! I wish that I could get you all tickets to go with me!!!!!!

    Qui, Ashley, CBC, Jedigirl1990, and everyone else here in FL, I'll see you there. :D

    Sorry that life is crap for ya right now Amaranthine. Still love you!!!

  8. FL still can't beat my dream place to live. Star wars conventiion or not.

    I am almost 100% positive that we wont be there, 1) My parents don't like Orlando. 2) My Mom isn't all that warm to Star wars. and 3) We're planning on spending our vacation this year in Burminham Alabama and TN. So that takes almost ALL possibility
    away. And the prices of the tickets! O_O.

  9. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????????????


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