Friday, June 17, 2011

Taylor Swift+survey question

I used to be addicted to pop music and would listen to the radio on my ipod almost every waking second of the day. Then I got sorta tired of it. The radio would play the same songs, and tunes that were catchy soon became annoying.  Also, the songs were all starting to sound the same, and they were all about romance and betrayal etc. etc.

But Taylor Swift is one of the artists who I didn't get tired of.(Should it be whom?) Her music sort of transcends genres, but I have met people who didn't like her songs. But seriously. Her music has really heartfelt, simple, and honest words combined with lyrical, catchy melodies. Her songs are majorly like open and honest. And her voice is really pretty too.

This is one of my favorite songs right now.

And this one makes me (sniff) cry.

Do you like Taylor Swift?

Survey question:
How much do you think the music you listen to and the movies/TV shows you watch affect you?



  1. I love Taylor Swift! :D

    Question Answer: I used to think they don't affect me, but now I realize they do. I mean, for example: if I watch something with a lot of cussing in it, I might find the urge to cuss. Stuff like that. Metal music or hard rock naturally makes me angry. So I don't listen to it. Norah Jones calms me down, so I do listen to it. xD

  2. I totally agree with you! All I listened to was pop music and it was getting boring, and now that I listen to T Swift, I never get tired of it! I love her because she's so down to earth and never sings about bad things.. Innocent and Mean and great songs. I've heard Mean so much this past week, I'm sick of it haha.

    And hmm, I think it will make me a better person. Because if I listened to songs and watched tv shows about drinking partying and sex all the time, that is what I'd want to do.

  3. I don't like Taylor Swift (see: at all) but I definitely agree that what you watch/read/listen to affects who you are and what you think. I've had to be really careful what I listen to recently, as some songs are really depressing, even if they're by Christian bands.

  4. I love love LOVE Taylor Swift!!!!!! :D
    Just about ALL the songs on the Speak Now album are my favorite songs. :) Especially Speak Now, Story of Us, and SO. MANY. MORE!!!!!

    In total truth, what I listen to/watch really DOES affect me. I am the kind of person who picks up on habits kinda quickly, so if I watch a show or listen to a song with a lot of cuss words in it, I may start to use it too. In fact, that's happened before. (although the words weren't that bad.)
    I need to surround myself with (as my mom calls it,) Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. I don't need to fill my head with total garbage. I like Taylor Swift, I like Owl City, I like a lot of other Country artists. I like a lot of Soundtrack music (thank YOU for that one. you got me into it. XD) and I like a lot of Christian songs too. My latest musical obsession is Wicked. XD I love the songs!!!!! LOL!
    Great post my friend!!!! Sorry I haven't been on Blogger as much, I've only just come off my 'blogger break'. XD

  5. I love Taylor Swift!!!!!!! I listen to a good mix of pop and Christian music, that way if I get tired of one I can just listen to the other one, but I know what you mean about pop music.

    The music/tv shows I watch/listen to do have an affect on me in that they affect my mood. If I watch a movie/hear a song that I don't like, I feel like I'm in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I have no idea why.

  6. I really loved Swift for a while, then I got tired of it, then her new album came out and i loved it, and now I'm getting tired of it again. They're great songs, but I don't like listening to them everyday.

  7. To answer your survey question: Massively. Not just me-- music and media affect people waaay more than they may realize ;)

    Which is why I actually try not to make it a habit to listen to secular music.


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