Sunday, June 12, 2011

I would love to do another inspiring picture post

..but I'm afraid of getting another virus if I dare go on weheartit. My dad is a computer guy, so he fixes all of our viruses, but it makes him really annoyed.

What shall I post about today?

So yesterday I had my piano recital. I tell you I get really nervous, riiight? And guess what! Before, I wasn't as nervous as I usually was because of all your sweet comments. But I still got really nervous and kinda stumbled through my piece. It was actually pretty bad. >.> and I've been playing piano for like like 8 years now....and I'm still mediocre, perhaps on the bad side of mediocre.

Two of the senior students were in the recital yesterday too. These girls are really really good, and I've been seeing them in the recitals for several years now. The first one is named Gloria Yen, and she won a lot of money from playing piano and got to play piano with an orchestra and in Poland. The second one is named Christine Lin, and she, Gloria, and a violinist named Tiffany Huang won a statewide competition last year and got to play in Carnegie Hall.

Like I've said, I've been seeing Gloria and Christine in recitals for several years. Everyone always remembers Gloria because she goes last, and always plays really intensely with a lot of emotion and movement. It's like lightning striking the piano when she plays. She also plays the cello.

Here's a video of her piano trio with Christine and Tiffany. I saw her perform this piece at the recital.

She's on the cello. In the blue.
Here's a picture of her actually playing piano. Come to think of it, she played this in a recital before too.

She's like my piano idol. XD But I really need to get over my stage fright and I'll be a lot closer. She completed the Certificate of Merit advanced level in fifth grade.You don't realize the significance of this. I'm taking this level next year, and I am nowhere near fifth grade. And I'm actually young for this level.

So while we were getting food at the reception after the recital, I worked up the nerve to talk to her. I was like
and she was like "ahaha yeah..."
Me: "I've been in your recitals for a while, and I always like how you play with a lot of expression. You look like you're having so much fun!"
Gloria: "Ha ha yeah, I try. I try!"
(silence while we get more food.)
Me: "What was it like at Carnegie Hall?"
Gloria: "It was nice..but kinda weird cause I had my cello."
Me: "I always have problems with being nervous. You never look nervous! Do you get nervous?"(gosh, I sound dumb.
Gloria: "Everyone gets nervous! I just remember that I'm playing for myself. I play for myself!"
Me: (smile)..heehee

I should have said more, like "Good Luck!" or "Thank you!" or "OHMIGOSH CAN WE TRADE LIVES FOR A WHILE?" or something like that.

(sigh.) She's not pursuing a music degree. She's majoring in Psychology at UC Berkeley next school year.


  1. I did theatre during high school and I always got nervous before a show, even though I've done a ton. Like that girl said, just play (or act or dance or sing) for yourself and remember that you're your own worst critic. ;)

    Also, I never go on weheartit. They never credit the original creators of the pictures and I don't like to support that.

  2. Do you watch Doctor Who if so did you see the season finale?

  3. Wow, she's really good! Thanks for sharing the videos.

    I used to use weheartit too, but there were too many inappropriate things on there so I quit. *sigh*

    ~Jamie Joyce


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!