Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have my dance recital today.

My studio's recital policy is annoying. My studio is huge and crowded so everything is expensive. Our costumes cost $88 each, recital tickets cost like $18 dollars and you don't even get to watch any recitals unless you buy a ticket. Our studio has six recitals, but each class only performs once.  So I know nothing of this "multiple performance per class" business.

But even if you choose to opt out of the recitals, you're pretty much screwed because we work on the recital routine for several months beforehand and you'll be bored the whole class. And you can't drop out of the classes because most classes fill up and if you drop out there's a good chance you won't be getting back in.

Ergh.I love performing in the recitals though. Which is kind of the point I guess. Wish me luck.

@Abby-Everyone in your studio wears tights all the time? Ooh.


  1. Good luck Amaranthine!!!!!! :D you'll do great! :D

    I love recital time too. ;) I always have a blast. :D

  2. Yeah, our studio is the same way about that. I just sneak in and watch anyway. haha.

    Our studio wears tights all the time, I couldn't imagine dancing on stage without tights. I'd feel awkward and exposed.
    Good Luck!

  3. LOL! YOu have a recital today and I have two performances! LOLZ!

    You'll do great honey :D

    ps-- actually, sometimes the little girls wear socks instead of tights, but our leotards are really good- like, for being a leotard they're pretty modest without being frumpy, and our ballet people don't stick little kids into bikinis and all that bare midriff ickiness :P But anyway, yeah.
    That sounded kind of harsh, didn't it? I'm sorry, I meant no harm......

    What kind of dance is it that you're doing? Oh wait..... you blogged about it before, didn't you? (OO)

  4. Good luck at your recital! You'll do fantastic!!

    At our studio, our costumes are built into our tuition, so we don't have to buy them separately. Only tights are purchased separately. And yeah tickets are mad expensive, like $17 for us.

    Sometimes it can be nice only being in one show. I was in four. It was crazy!

  5. Good luck Amaranthine! Have fun!


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!