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Fate of the Jedi and more!

I'm getting a lot of traffic from being on Courtney's blog of note(thank you!) page, but no new followers so far.  Come on! My blog is healthy and good for you.

Would you like to know how many of you came over from her blog and skipped me over? Twenty one of you. :( 
Would you like to know how DEPRESSING that is?

See that flag counter down yonder?  It counts unique visitors. So I've had over a thousand unique visits from the US alone. Which is sweet, but only 36 of them bothered to follow, and only five of them actually comment. :P
Okay, enough with my daily follower envy. On to the post.

Fate of the Jedi Review:Vortex

 Not much has been happening in the Star Wars community lately, with everyone busy wrapping up 2010 and preparing for an amazing 2011.

Fate of the Jedi: Vortex, out November, is just another couple paragraphs in the lengthy, drawn out Fate of the Jedi series. This one is barely different from the other novels, but does nothing but continues the same old plot that's been plodding since the beginning. Oh, and it also continues that slavery plotline, one that's been nothing but confusing and boring for me. Rumors have it that the authors added it because the books were getting too short, but I really don't see what the situation adds to anything. 
Otherwise, the plot continues to trudge out before us. (I did read this in a hurry, but this is the general idea I got)

Luke and Ben fight a lot of Sith, trade wisecracks, Ben tries to confront his feelings for Vestara, etc. We learn that Abeloth is practically invincible and if you kill her, she comes back to life in another body. Oh and High Lord Taalon dies. The Sith see the white throne with Allana on it, but they don't know her identity. Thus they begin a hunt for the "Jedi princess" They break their alliance with the sith and track Abeloth to the Fallanassi, where nothing is as it seems.

Jaina and Jag get engaged for the second or third time. I'm beginning to lose count. Since the Legacy comics confirm that Jagged Fel was the first empire, and imply that Jaina was his empress, there is almost no romantic suspense left to be salvaged. But this is disappointing. I thought since they went through all the trouble of breaking up and Jaina returning her engagement ring, I thought it would be this long, tense, separation that is ended by a climactic reunion in the final book. But no. She returns to him almost as fast as they broke up.
Back on Coruscant, the siege against the Jedi is lifted, but everything is far from normal. The gang rescues Valin and Jysella from a carbonite holding-house.
The situation with the Jedi is probably the best part of this series. The scenes are filled with tension. Kenth Hamner's secret deal with Bwa'tu comes to light, and the rest of the council are fed up. They decide to launch their stealthXs. Kenth tries to stop them and duels with Saba Sebatyne. To the death. His death. :( The Jedi begin a plan to remove Daala from power.
Despite this series' many failings,  I'm still excited for Conviction. Plus, Conviction will have the coolest cover art.......

What's going on with me? Our dance recital is in June. I'm in three classes but I can only be in one recital performance because the costumes are $85 each. 

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  1. So, question. How do you get the buttons to lead to your blog when someone puts one on their blog?

  2. I own Vortex, but I haven't read it yet. Seems like there is not much to look forward to.

    I hope you have fun at your dance recital!!!

    "Buttons". I think I finally get what those things are. It only took me like a month. But yay!!! The mystery is solved!!! I finally get it!!! :-D

    -Barriss :-D

  3. I love Allana! So I hope the Sith don't find the "Jedi princess!" =P

    -Leia <3

  4. Do you have ballet grades, Amaranthine? If so, what grade are you in??

    Have a great time at the recital. :)

    I have four classes a week.... two in a row tomorrow... gaaahhhh...

  5. @Barriss-Aww, it was okay(from a fan's perspective.) It's not my favorite series, and the series had so much potential, it's a little disappointing. The interesting thing about this series is that it borders so much more on the paranormal than everything else.

    @Leia. They better not. So many Skywalkers/Solos are being killed off there won't be any of them left.

  6. Thank you, Amarathine! :D I love it!


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