Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whew(Thank God the week is gone)

Thank God for the weekend. The first week of 2011 has been ridiculously crazy. There's been getting ready for finals and dance recital and blogging and foruming and cleaning and editing my NaNo novel. Piano hasn't even started yet, but there's two recitals and a piano test to get ready for.

 My mom saw my Storing Up Treasures post and commented that I need to make my blog more focused on one subject if I want to attract followers. I mean, let's say I write a post about dancing. It happens to be really good and a dancer comes along and sees it and says "Cool!" and follows. But then she realizes that I don't post about dancing the rest of the time, and she doesn't like Star Wars, so she unfollows. My mom said that if I wanted to make my posts attractive to the SUT audience, then I should do a question and answer for parents thing. But then my blog would be called "Ask Amaranthine." So what should I do?

I was inspired by what Savannah said about "most people who blog just do it for themselves."  That's true. I started Amaranthine Forever to get thoughts on paper and to sort out ideas in my head. I never expected to have more than ten followers. So I blog just for myself for now. If I want to blog only about Star Wars or about inspirations, I'll start another blog for that. Plus, this way I can interact with different kinds of people. A blog only about dancing would attract only dancers. A blog only about writing would attract only writers. And a blog only about Star Wars would attract only nerds.  

Sometimes I'm so insecure. I mean, I know a thousand people saw my blog and didn't like it or care about it.  Maybe I should have a poll titled "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME???" and have them fill it out.

Sometimes I wish it were November when my blog was smaller and I had fifteen followers and I didn't have to worry about whether people liked me or not.  And we all just freaked out about our word counts and our novel MC's fighting.  

If you haven't noticed, I have periodical identity crashes. And when I have them, my blog usually has them as well.

So I'll never be like Club Jade or Storing Up Treasures. And I guess that's okay, because I like where my blog is now.  My blog is very special, and I guess it takes special people to appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

Oh, and sorry if I don't comment or respond to comments as often. Like I said, I've been busy.



  1. I like this post Amaranthine. :)
    You make a really good point. I think that having a million followers would be really stressful because of trying to please everyone.

  2. I like all your posts, Amaranthine. You don't have to worry about pleasing me. =)

    You do have a point though. A very good point. It would be very hard to please everyone.

    -Leia <3 =)

  3. I think that the variety in your posts is what makes your blog so awesome. :) :)

    Trying to please a bunch of followers by writing about only one thing doesn't seem like much fun. And a blog should be fun, not just a source of stress. :)

    Great post Amaranthine. I really enjoyed reading it. :-)

    -Barriss :-D


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!