Thursday, January 13, 2011

God in Entertainment

Is it okay for Christians to listen to music with bad words and bad content in it? Is it okay for us to watch R rated movies? This is something that I'm not sure about.

 So what do you think on this? As for the movies and TV, if I'm watching a good show and the characters are cursing in it, I don't turn it off. I don't watch a lot of TV or movies anyways.
Music is a little harder. For really violent, explicit songs, of course not. I wouldn't even breath on it. But what about Avril Lavigne's new song? It's really catchy. But even its title isn't appropriate for this place.

Speaking of which, Avril Lavigne is kinda weird. I like some of her songs, like "Gone." But she's in her twenties, and most of her music reminds you of a 15 year old. 

Anyways, so what's your policy on this? Not your parent's policy. (Some people are like "Oh, my parent's won't let me....." And I'm like "But what about you?")

And what about books? Is cursing in books okay? 


Ooh look at my new favorite song- the beginning is slow but the rest is catchy. I didn't even think it was Christian at first-but it's my all time favorite Christian rock song.


  1. My opinion on cursing in media doesn't really bother me that much. I just ignore it. I do feel its unnecessary. I think that cursing makes someone sound unintelligent.

  2. I don't watch many movies or tv shows either, but when I do, I don't want to watch something with lots of swearing in it. I agree with Savannah that it makes people sound unintelligent when every other word they say needs to be bleeped out.

    As for books, it's pretty much the same: I don't like it, think it's completely unnecessary and find that it ruins the experience for me.

    Check out this author/editor's opinion on the subject here (tips #55 & 56).

    Music: I almost never listen to music by non-Christian artists (unless it's instrumental), and swearing in music is probably the most offensive to me.

    If you're looking for a ton of great Christian music, check out I've discovered dozens of old and new bands through it and it's become my only radio station.

    Oops. This got rather long.

  3. You've brought up questions that I've brooded over all day and made me take forever to finish my math. Thanks alot ;)

    Actually... these are very good questions. I plan on doing a post on it instead of writing up and eternal comment on here. :)

    But the only thing I'm gonna say is that I don't mind language all that much in books or movies (it also depends on the people who are watching the movie with me, but anyway...), but in music, I have to listen to either Christian music or instrumental scores. Any secular music is a very big stumbling block for me.

    Thank you for bringing up these questions.... I plan on posting about it later this week ;)

  4. Oh, and as a sidenote: I've seen two R rated movies in my life, one of them being The Passion of the Christ. The thing is, some movies are rated R because of a maturity level. Thus, an R rating doesn't automatically make a movie "bad." Since you were on the subject of whether Christians can/should watch R rated movies or not....

  5. I only listen to Christian or movie soundtracks.

    As for swearing, I can't stand it, but I will still watch the movie/TV show or read the book. Unless it gets REALLY bad. But, I'm not going to go and let a few swear words ruin an otherwise perfectly fine book or movie. Know what I mean?

    As for R rated movies: I've seen two in my life. Both times were with my mom. The one movie I thought didn't deserve the R rating (it was for violence). The other one.....I had to look away several times.

  6. Oh, I actually don't mind about that stuff. You don't have to, either, just ignor all that cussing. I listen to lots of explicit songs too, only because they are catchy.

    Oh, and to install the Cbox: on the part of the Cbox where you put your name and message, right around there there should be something that says 'get a Cbox' click on that :)

    Hope this helped!

  7. Oh, I forgot to say, Unbreakable is one of my all time favorite songs! It's my Padme song. :)


  8. I never stray any farther than a PG-13 rating. I guess it all depends on the person. It personally bothers me to watch and listen to cussing ec.

    -Leia <3


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