Saturday, January 29, 2011

How can intelligent people believe in miracles?

I mean, like, those things can't really happen, right? Walking on water, bringing people back to life, that's impossible!

Well, one hot day there was a dog talking to a flower. The dog said: "Whew, it's so hot! I think I'm going over to sit in the nice shade of that tree."
The flower said: "You can't do that! That's impossible! You have to stay right where you were planted, in the same spot." 
 "Oh, yeah?" countered the dog. "Watch me." So he trotted over to take a nap under the tree.
"Wow!" said the flower. "That's a miracle!"

Soon, the dog's owner came to wake the dog up. "Yo", said the human. "Let's go hunting!"
"All right!" said the dog, and wagged his tail. 
"Wait!" said the human. "One sec. I have to check the newspaper for the weather first."
"What?" said the dog, confused. "You can't do that! How can you get any information out of that wrinkly gray worthless sheet of paper?"
But the human checked the paper, and said. "Yay! It'll stay sunny today! Let's go!"
The dog was overwhelmed. "Woah! That's a miracle!"

They went hunting, and soon, the human shot a duck which landed on the lake. "Go get the duck." said the human.
"What?" said the dog. "No way. It's wayyy too cold."
"Hey!" said the human. "But that's your job!"

Just then, Jesus appeared. "It's all right, the dog doesn't have to go in the lake." he said.
So he walked across the surface of the lake and got the duck and came back.
"Wow!" said the human. "What a miracle!"

This story may be funny, but the moral is: We can't try to understand God and the world through our own limitations and experiences. We can't just define God and miracles through our own terms because we are imperfect and our understanding is limited.What may be impossible for us is as easy as pie for God.


This story belongs to Search Ministries. This story has been modified from its original content. I paraphrased it the way I remembered it.


  1. I like that story. And the lesson too! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. This is a wonderful blog post :)

  3. I love that story! It's a really good example. Thank you for posting that. =)

    -Leia <3

  4. Wow. That was great, Amaranthine! :)


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