Monday, January 17, 2011

What inspires me

Princess of Endor just posted about inspirations. So here his a list about what inspires me.

~Star Wars
~Star Wars music
~Books and movies. Any books and movies. Even cheesy, horrible ones. I just like stories in general. I like to think what made the author/screenwriter come up with the ideas? How did the original story look? How many plot twists were added? Is any of the storyline still intact?
~People who have been through hardships.
~The feeling when you get something you didn't even know(or forgot) that you wanted.
~The fact that some things are used and worn and half-broken, but we still use and love(and continually fix) them anyways.
~My parents.
~Looking back at a journal(or blog ;) and seeing how you've progressed.

Just came back from shooting a children's video for my church. Pictures from the set later! (My church is a big church, so it's kind of a big deal for me. :) ) It was partly about my mission trip and partly about this guy stuck in an underwater city. More later!


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