Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going to Utah tomorrow

Please pray for a safe trip!

You know something's the matter with you when your first thought is which books you are going to pack.
I'm really excited for snow and skiing. I know most of you get snow, but I took this picture of the outside yesterday-
 That's pretty much year-round weather right there. 

Snow. I want SNOW.

We're going to be in Utah for Chinese New Year. But that's all right, because we celebrated already.
The best part of Chinese New Year is this:

Chinese New Year cake.  年糕, or "nian gao" as it says on the picture. It's not really cake.Well, it is, but not by the American definition of cake. It's steamed rice flour and sugar, and sticky, and it's delicious! I had a big plate this morning. I can eat it for the rest of my life. 

When I think of Mandalorian uj cake, I think of that.  
There are many different kinds, but this is the kind I eat. You cut it into pieces and microwave it. <3

Now, we don't put anything inside the cake, but a lot of people put nuts and dried fruit in it. XP.
Go to the store and buy a brick of it.

I didn't have anything to post today. I'm going to resume my usual posting schedule when I get back

Random Star Wars quotes:
Tycho Celchu: Jaina, this is Colonel Celchu.This transmission is scrambled and coming through your astromech. General Antilles is issuing a direct order. Do not reenter the combat zone. Return to base. Do you understand?
Jaina Solo: Don't tell me the odds.
Tycho Celchu: [sounding confused] I didn't tell you the odds.

Jaina Solo: Good.
“His last word,” Anakin said. “It took a lot out of him to say even that. He really wanted me to know something. I think Yag’Dhul may be in danger.”
Corran’s eyes narrowed, reflecting a sudden, plunging-stomach suspicion. “Anakin, where is this jump taking us?”
“You said Coreward,” Anakin replied innocenetly.
“Tell me we aren’t going to pop out in the Yag’Dhul system.”
“We aren’t going to pop out in the Yag’Dhul system,” Anakin told him.
“Good,” Corran said, relieved.
“We’re going to come out really near it, though.” Anakin added.
“Why you—” Corran held back a series of specifically Corellian words that he really wanted to use. But Tahiri was only fourteen. Would he make it through Valin’s and Jysella’s teenage years without turning to the dark side? Probably not.

Luke Skywalker: [holding up a sledge hammer] Behold the favorite weapon of Jedi before the invention of the lightsaber.
Tahiri Veila: You're kidding.
Luke Skywalker: Of course I'm kidding. C'mon. The Jedi sledge-hammer?

Oh, and I heard the Black Eyed Peas song "Where is The Love" for the first time. Go listen to it. It was the first song they became famous for, and it actually has a Christian-like message, especially the chorus"Father, Father, Father help us/send some guidance from above"

Boy has their music changed.

My list of obssessions
 -Star Wars
-Percy Jackson and the Olympians
-The internet
-Darths and Droids




  1. Mmmm that looks really good. I love Chinese food.And not just American Chinese food. xD Except...chicken fingers. =.=; I keep forgetting to write a blog post about that. xD

    Have fun in Utah!

    Oh and PS: I'm super jealous of your weather. I haven't seen the sun in over a month.

  2. Have fun in Utah!!! Wow, Amaranthine, it looks alot like that where I live, except today because it's going to rain....

    YUM! Funny, I'm not Chinese, but for Chinese New Year and the Moon Fest, my family celebrates. My grandparents went to China a lot and brought back a lot of the traditions. We eat the mooncakes and go out for Chinese food on the holidays. :D

    I love the quotes btw. Especially the first one and the Jedi Sledge hammer. That was so funny!!!!

  3. I just started reading the Percy Jackson books. Love them.

    Have a good time in Utah! Here in the glorious OR, we have erratic weather.... one day sunny, next day it's like it's flooding... :P Send some snow over, yeah?

    That Chinese cake description made me think of Babinka. A Filipino dessert ;)

    OK, well, we'll miss you, but have a great time, okay! :D

    I'll go look for my Jedi sledge hammer now.....

  4. Have fun!!! Wow, it's really sunny in your state. I sometimes wish I lived in a sunny state.....

    Those quotes are hilarious!!! Very, very funny.

    Ooh cool!! That desert sounds really good!!!

    -Barriss :-D


Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!