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Review Wednsday: NJO: SPOILERS! You've been warned!

Since I've been so behind on TCW, I won't even bother trying. 
I'd rather review series first, before I review individual books. But first: Has anyone heard of Star Wars: Frames? It's a book. One copy costs $4000, which is a ton, even if it is autographed by George Lucas. Anyyyone? Anyone want to buy one for me? 
 Nano update: Yeesh. I'm on the verge of falling behind. Everyone should have 30k today. I hope to catch up a lot during thanksgiving break, since I'm not going anywhere. I should probably get off Blogger and work on writing.

 Pretty much all of the NJO covers mushed together.

  One of the most controversial and longest series in the SW EU history.  It's so hefty, many people don't even bother starting it. It's worth the ride though, even if the ride does seem like a plodding, slow, tortuous journey at some point. The early books are dark. Violent. Scary. Often unenjoyable. Sometimes discourage people from reading SW EU altogether. They are not gory, however, the Yuuzhan Vong are a violent, pain-embracing species, and some stuff is written to make you squirm. If you absolutely cannot stand the early NJO books(and nothing of significance to me happens), start with Balance Point and use Wookieepedia for the rest. The more the better, however.
I cannot give a verdict on the series as a whole. The books are so radically different from each other(more than 5 authors worked on this series) that the only way I could summarize this series would be to summarize each book.
So I will. Red is must read, blue you can skip if you want and use Wookieepedia. Purple is in between.
Vector Prime: Certainly started off NJO with a bang. I didn't enjoy it much. A major character dies. You might want to read it to get the gist of the series.
Dark Tide I and II: I liked it. No major plot changes, lots of battles and action, on the ground and in space, though. A must for Corran Horn fans. Funny.
Agents of Chaos I and II: Books like these are what Wookieepedia's for. I didn't like them. Go ahead and use Wookieepedia.
Balance Point: This is where the fun begins and the chaos ends. Although it doesn't seem like it. The dark finale to the "discovery" phase of the NJO. "The end of the beginning." The world falls into a deadly order for the characters as they realize how serious this war is and what the war is doing to them. Dreadful in a good way. You must read this. Favorite Scene-Jaina pulls a blaster on Jacen! Least favorite: Leia and Jaina get their heads shaved.
Edge of Victory I and II: Must read this. These aren't dark or very frightening. The unanimous favorite of NJO lovers. You get to know Anakin, Tahiri, and the Yuuzhan Vong in a new way. That scene where Nen Yim gets a new hand, though....ew.
Star by Star: Very exciting, though sad, book. Mostly details the Mykyr mission, with fatal consequences. A grinding, up-close book. You really, really, really, want to read this. Of all the books, this one captures the heart of Star Wars and the NJO the most. 
Dark Journey: }:) my personal favorite. Though there isn't much action and nothing of consequence really happens, I love this. The closest thing there is to a Star Wars romance novel(C'mon! The cover's PINK.) This was the first NJO book I read.(Ya see why I advise reading them in order? i read them completely out of order and I suffered the consequences.) Elaine Cunningham is so awesome! This book is funny and touching at the same time. Jaina's struggle with da dark side. <3 Kyp Durron!
Enemy Lines I+II: Okay, forget what I said above. This is my favorite. The perfect blend of action and romance and negotiations and characterization and Yuuzhan Vong-ation and Wedge Antilles. So cute and cool and funny and AWESOME. I think I'm going to read these again.
Traitor: Good book, if Vergere doesn't have your head spinning by the end of it. If you decide to skip this, DEFINITELY read up on Vergere and Jacen.
Destiny's Way: I hated this when I first read it. But that was because I  read them all out of order! When you read them IN ORDER you'll love this. Some parts drag on. The thing this book really does best is characterizing Jaina and her complete obsession with fighting and the war. The Young Jedi Knights are knighted officially, and Jaina ups a rank. 
Force Heretic I, II, III: I most recently read these. Details the search for Zonama Sekot and a PEACEFUL solution to the war. Unfortunately, it's Tahiri centered, mostly focusing on her search to find herself and a life without Anakin. I didn't find Tahiri that much of a compelling character to begin with, so I didn't enjoy those parts, though I enjoyed all the others.
The Final Prophecy: Not very final. You'll only understand this if you read Force Heretic. I liked it, it's by Greg Keyes <3. Lots of action and pick-up lines. Nen Yim gets her head graphically bashed in with a rock by Nom Anor.
 The Unifying Force: A very satisfying end to the series. A historical battle. I wish Jaina and Jag got married at the end, though. }:)

You're going to have a lousy NJO experience if you only read the four I highlighted red, though.

So that's it. Agents Of Chaos are complete wastes of time, but do try to read everything else. And when you're done with this, DNT and LOTF, here we come!

The epicest series in the EU.



  1. I have to admit, with all the Star Wars books that I've read, its over a hundred mind you, I never got around to reading The New Jedi Order. Or anything further than that actually.

    While I know exactly what happens in the series, thanks to Essential Guides and the power of the internet, I just never really found an appeal for stories that take place THAT far into the EU.

    The farthest I went was the Young Jedi Knights series. Which I did like, but in my mind, everything beyond that seemed to stray too far beyond George's original ideas for the saga.

  2. I can't wait to get here in my EU journey! I'm going to start Isard's Revenge sometime this week.
    Looking forward to it! I'm gonna read them all!
    I'm reading all of the books except for Death Troopers and Red Harvest.


  3. Thank you!! This post really helped me considering I'm getting close to reading this series. I actually already own 2 NJO books. Edge of Victory I & II. I haven't read them yet. I still have three or four books I want to read before I start in on it though.

    -Leia <3

  4. Thank you for this post!! I'm trying to read more books on the EU, and it is super confusing to figure out what ones to read. I do better with books from the Clone Wars era.

    -Barriss :D

  5. @Alex, aw, come on.
    @Leia. Sounds wise.
    @Barriss. Good luck!

  6. @Amaranthine-Yes, I know. Shameful...



Amaranthine <3's you. Thanks for the comment!